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    Appreciation and Question

    Maybe I’m crazy but this screams of a scam. 55 and 57 NEVER USED A5’s? I’m rooting for ya Meatstick but tread carefully here until verified
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    Roll call 4/29

    Beautiful morning in the spring turkey woods. Birds gobbling everywhere, had 2 get to within at least 75 yards but never laid eyes on them. Moved in a small overgrown drainage ditch between two freshly tilled/planted corn fields for midday.
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    Who’s in 4/22?

    Gobbling activity has all but quit here since Tuesday. Figured storms last night would get them vocal again this morning. I was wrong.
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    Who's hunting in the wind?

    Slept in. Had a great encounter opening morning in the woods at 40-50 yards, just couldn’t get a shot. Saturdays afternoon and all day Sunday, nothing but silence. Taking the day off to recoup and prepare for the rest of the week, get a few things done around the house.
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    Going to check cameras Thursday. Buddy nearby has had a lone gobbler on camera a week ago, and a strutter following two hens yesterday around noon. This is in Marion Co. This week will get them going!
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    High winds

    Seems like it has been higher wind and more consistently this spring than any I can remember before. We had pretty high winds here again today. Must’ve not been too bad, roofers finally came and tarped the damage I had.
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    Chili weather...

    Wife making white chicken chili tonight, has the house smelling phenomenal.
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    Any white bass reports?

    I’m going to try them out for the first time this year, Salt River out of my canoe. Plan to put in at either Van Buren or River Road. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.
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    Hope everyone is OK.

    We lost power for about 3 hours in Washington county. I lost a big cedar in the front yard, fell across the road. Neighbor came down with his tractor and we cut/pushed it out of the way so Salt River could get through. Lost a big one in the backyard that just missed my mower shed, think it’s...
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    Wanted…Summit replacement seat

    I’ve got several. PM me an address or we can meet up.
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    Wanted…Summit replacement seat

    Pretty sure I’ve got 2-3 in the basement, let me check and get back with you.
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    Y'all missed a good gun auction Friday night....

    Well why didn’t ya tell us about it beforehand?!
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    New gun safe

    Was that an open spot already? Or did you cut out the wall and finish it out with that in mind?
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    New website is live

    Can’t vouch enough for Dan. Had a muzzleloader with a frozen breech plug I tried everything to get it out. Finally took it to Dan after discovering previous owner never removed it over 18 years. Even though Dan gave it his all, the plug was seized and the barrel was ruined. Not only did he not...
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    We got a new member of the house last Friday when some employees at Jim Beam found a lab curled up in a ditch against the fence and brought them into my wife’s animal clinic where she works. He had a tick in his ear and I wondered the same thing, always thought this time of year was too cold for...
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    V3x is complete

    I shoot a 10 year old Elite, but each year I feel the “new” itch a little more. I’ll scratch it one of these days. Nice setup!
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    Out of State License

    Any idea if that allows you to hunt public land as well? Or are you saying you can hunt only your own land as a non resident?
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    Christmas Lightshows

    Anyone ever gone to see the lights at Buffalo Trace? Wife has been on me about us going for 2 Christmas now.
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    Where's all the new presents?

    No pics but I got an electric hand warmer that will also charge USB devices, and some money/gift cards towards KY gun co. Unsure yet what that will go to but I’m sure I’ll find something.
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    Landowner communication

    Looking for some advice here. I have hunted the same farm for years and absolutely love the place. I started saving 5 years ago for the “what if” of ever buying the place came up. The landowner(widow) is getting older, and has 5 sons(2 live with her). I would like to convey the message to them...

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