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    How much can you take before leaving a job?

    Loyalty my ass. I left Vo Tech early to go work at a place. Sole owner turned it into an ESOP when he retired. I was VP with 1 guy above me. I work there 36 years and he laid me off in the last 15 minutes of the work day. Blind sided. Took me 1.5 years to find a decent job. That was probably the...
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    Old garden spot

    White ladino clover
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    Hospice care

    Exactly what we did for my dad. We were lucky enough that my daughter is a nurse that gives children their vaccinations. She was around when she wasn't working to give him shots. My dad loved his " Sugar Plum "
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    Oak apple galls

    Once you see it you can't unsee it.
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    Doubled up this afternoon

    If those pics don't say " God bless America " nothing will.
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    Last years buck

    DIY I assume? Nice and clean and white.
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    Wheel chair ramp for front door...

    Looks solid!
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    Creeking 2023

    I had to clean one up with a snow shovel and rake one time. Worst decision I made was getting in the rental business.
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    Off the wall question.

    No banana's for me either. They must be really protected in the winter and watered during the dry times. They are nothing but water. You can cut a 4 inch stalk with a butter knife. It's amazing. They are very prolific as well. We started with one about 7 years ago, I think there's about 8 of...
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    Crazy weather?

    There was a crew of them change our tin barn roof once, even added and replaced a lot of slates to screw to. 2 days max, walking up ladders and the roof itself like billy goats.
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    Average age of members here

    I think you're right. I'm 61 and losing enthusiasm.
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    'Lil Chainsar Carvin!

    That is definitely an art!
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    4 leaf at that.
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    Valentine’s Day

    Yes, I had one. Birthday of Nov 15th. Always took a 1/2 a day away from gun season. Had a Christmas baby as well. Sempt 17th. Momma was fertile. I guess I was too! Lol
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    First red. Nice big male.

    I feel sorry for foxes due to the yotes. That's a good one though.
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    Couldn't find one if it bit me in the ass. Good job.
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    SR has a store off Nicholasville Rd and Man o War in the summit center. Lexington

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