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    November 16 roll call

    Quiet here. Got some sleep here this morning. I'm hopeful
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    November 12 opening gun roll call

    Be safe everyone. Enjoy your day
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    Deer Camp Traditions

    My first season in Kentucky, couldn't be happier. Best part of deer hunting for me are the be traditions. Would love to hear some of yours.....
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    Where to shoot

    Don't head shot ever, please. Saw a doe running around the first day years ago, had her lower jaw blown off. I couldn't get a shot at her, can't imagine the horrible death she succumbed to.
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    Hunting in rain

    I hate hunting in the rain. Always think I should be smart enough to come out. Thought of trying to follow a blood trail scares me. No judgement, to each his own. Just my thoughts.
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    Nov. 6th, who’s out?

    Out this morning in Elliott County. Turkeys, squirrels, birds everywhere, little rain on and off, beautiful morning. Saw one of my target bucks about 80 yards away. Warm day again for sure.
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    5 Nov Roll Call

    In for the day. 20 mph winds and 80 degrees 😂. Saw zero. I'll be in the food plot tomorrow morning.
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    5 Nov Roll Call

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    5 Nov Roll Call

    Wind isn't too bad in Elliott County so far. Saw 5 deer yesterday but it's just oddly quiet as far as deer movement.
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    One of a kind trail cam pic

    Was expecting the elusive Kentucky Mt Lion. Crazy picture!
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    Oct 6 anyone anyone…

    I'll be out tomorrow for my first time hunting on my farm. Looking forward to enjoying time in the woods
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    Gloves or red hands

    Maybe I should have included safety glasses also!!
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    Gloves or red hands

    A couple years ago my neighbor asked me to help track a buck his son hit. We found the buck after a difficult track job. After a little celebration he started to gut him. I was in disbelief, he pulled out 3 layers of gloves and put them on beforehand. It was difficult for me not to laugh out...
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    Fence Contractors

    I'm looking to have a 4 post wooden fence installed plus a gate across my driveway at my Farm around Sandy Hook. Can't seem to find anyone interested in doing it. Anyone have a recommendations? Thanks.
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    Deer Processing

    Thank you
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    Deer Processing

    I will at some point, I'm just not quite there. I've been cutting them up myself for about 8 years, that's my next step!
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    Deer Processing

    Recently bought a farm near Grayson. Looking for a processor to make bologna, sausage,etc. Any suggestions? I skin and cut up my own deer. I'll just be dropping off meat in a cooler. Thanks

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