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    Season dates poll.

    Nobody said it wasn't working. I just would rather hunt gobbling turkeys. Instead of birds that have been breeding for 6 months.
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    Squirrel Dogs.

    I have for years. I have a 8 month old Busher bred cur that will be going with me sat. She is a BIG cur and will prob end up being more of a coon dog than squirrel. I am too old and broke down to be running thru the woods at night and hand those duties off to my son but I hope to get her...
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    Season dates poll.

    I just wondered what the TRUE thoughts are on this topic. I do not want to discuss it anymore, as I am sure few of you do. Not interested in beating the proverbial dead horse any more. So Here goes.
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    just curious as to how I do this. 1. can I do it? 2. can I not?
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    Did I really see poults today???

    Went this morning.... Heard one on the rosst hit a few licks then NOTHING.(about like November) Saw several hens at the edges of woods feeding.
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    Did I really see poults today???

    I know for a fact some of the powers that be read posts here. Do they care is the question. My son and I were talking every morning or two about how many were gobbling in Feb. We would go outside before light and listen. We knew then this season was going to be a joke...and it was. Let's...
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    Did I really see poults today???

    Yeah, I don't know about raising the limit. My main complaint is timing. I, again am glad to know I am not the only one who can see this. I was taking a beating for awhile. All I was getting is they are going to get better and May is the month. It really made me wonder what kind or "hunters"...
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    Did I really see poults today???

    I do not understand the politics.. nor do I want to. BUT one would think that with it being a no brainer that the hunting season is LATE to say the very least we [the actual hunters] could get something done. I mean I live in the country and the birds were ready to be hunted in Feb. this year...
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    Did I really see poults today???

    Finally a thread that makes sense. I couldn't believe the people that were/are talking that stuff about how good it was going to get and how the best was yet to come. I know better but I don't see the need to argue with armchair hunters. They ALWAYS know best. If some people were told the...
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    Did I really see poults today???

    How in the world can you say the best hunting is yet to come with poults already running around? Some have themselves believing this stuff. Come on.....Really.....
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    Worth it to hunt in the rain?

    I have taken a few birds in the rain. I used to set my blind up just off a path they travel on the way to a small field. (the only one in the area). I'd call a little every now and them but not much. A couple of times it paid off. I took my only multiple bearded bird from that setup. I guess...
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    Judo Jake (this dude is going to be a handful next season)

    Those are some graeat photos. He sure is trying to sink the hooks in that decoy!
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    Waithing the Storm Out

    Congrats! I am sitting here wishing I HAD gone. Got up checked the weather and watched it blow till now, 8:30. Now the wind has stopped and it is calm as can be. Looks like the calm before the storm. Sometimes the worst starts end up being the best ends. Congrats again.
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    I think these toms turned gay!

    OK. I'm NOT going to get in a peeing match with you OR anyone else on here. OK. No, I didn't kill any hens in the fall. The fall for me is for deer hunting and hunting my dogs on lowly tree rats and or coons...just to name two. Like I said I mess with squirrel dogs. They are my thing. I am sure...
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    I think these toms turned gay!

    I breed and hunt OMCs. That's Original Mountain Curs....and YES the overpopulation of turkeys DO hurt the woods. You abviously don't spend much time in the woods. As for the killing of hens. Can you possibly understand the fact that killing said hen is stopping her from reproducing no matter...
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    Help Wanted!!

    Busted! How did you know?? Actually my 2 yr old granddaughter is coming at 5 am and that trumps everything....yes even the wedding. (I DO have a DVR though) Truthfully friend. I don't care what they brits are doing. Even though she would be nice to take on a honeymoon.
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    Help Wanted!!

    We (son and I) have had a tough season to say the least. Usually we have both tagged out by now and are calling for others. There are more birds on our place than ever! From our scouting we figured it would be an opening weekend tag out.........NOT......... They have acted nuts. I know a large...
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    Love Shack Ky Style!

    Had one do my hen decoy that way 5 or so years ago..He died a happy man too.
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    I think these toms turned gay!

    It's because there are way way way too many hens. Why would they gobble when they have 8-10 hens standing around them? Ky is going to overmanage these birds till something bad happens. I know here goes the go kill a hen in the fall posts. People. If we were allowed a hen in the spring...
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    2011 Spring Turkey harvest photos

    Hasn't been any trouble getting on birds. It has been a problem, for me, getting them to come that last few yards to make a good clean shot. I am not sure how many I have called in but has been a bunch. This is the only one that has given me the shot I wanted. Can't really complain with the...

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