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    Distillery barrels

    yeah they are like 50 inches tall and bigger around,and made from only prime wood.
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    Distillery barrels

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    Distillery barrels

    WOW i hope not being as i make barrels for them,it is slow right now though..if you only want a couple good new ones i can get them for you,they moved our used barrels op to lynchburg.if you want used try kelvin cooperage in louisville on outer loop,they disassemble them and ship them over seas...
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    Sand Hill Cranes

    saw a bunch fly over today wayyyyy up and disoriented..swirled around for 20mins or so and finally found a leader...watering your lawn?
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    mmmama mmamma say mmmama said they is the devil... guitarist is satin,banjoist is .... uhh nevermind, then us fisherman must be saints:D..
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    i know,but they don't have one of them little pot stirring emoticons..:) it actually come from a sewing they say..what were they smoking?
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    no elctric Mills, Anti Christ/Devil Cult...they must have run out of money:)
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    Stihl Saw

    run 50-1 any good oil,if you run a cheap oil run 32-1.tell him to give you in writing he'll warranty the saw at 64-1,cause it won't run long.a good mechanic can tune it to get more performance than the oil will make.The 30 day fuel is preference,if you keep it in clean jug with stabilizer and...
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    Lady Bugs anyone???

    i have a butt load million of em.something else we aquired from a foreign country we didn't need.
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    Gas prices around KY

    2.81 at wal mart in shelbyville last nite
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    Silverado Mileage

    less than 20 little more than 10:)..depends on the gears it has higher gear will get 16-18hgway lower gear will get you about 13-15 both gears will get you in the 11-13 towing regardless.
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    I won't be buying any Goodyears.

    makes less drag and also if the motor was close to the rev limiter when in the draft it is like making a little gear change,if you bump the limiter it won't go any faster in the draft.and also the last 2 sets of good year wrangler i have had come apart around the bead.
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    Na$car doomed?

    i don't think the roush's and hendricks will feel it,but when you get to bottom 10 that don't have the huge sponsor deals it will hit them..
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    Na$car doomed?

    american made huh..:)go take one apart and see how american it is,got ford i just had apart putting in a heater core and blend door,i don't think i saw usa on any part under the dash.the replacement parts from the dealer even isn't
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    No gas in North Georgia!

    why don't they truck in from some other areas,give a good reson to sell it for 5 a gal.if they can pull poisonous campers to n.orleans surely the govt. can figure a way to get gas somewhere needed,and foot the bill
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    soooo...what did you do this weekend

    yes indeed it is,i have no dash in my 97 f150,i just can't pay someone 500 to replace a heater core,bad thing is i just did it 18 months ago with an awesome built autozone one:mad:.wish i could send them a bill..
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    soooo...what did you do this weekend

    replaced a window in the house,started taking the the truck apart to fix a bad heater core..
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    Salt loaded shells

    i used to use salt in mine during hot weather squirrel hunting,tress are tall here and they'd ruin before they hit the ground if you didn't salt cure em.
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    No gas in North Georgia!

    Why is it this one area is out of gas,can it not be shipped in from other places??seems like some bs going on..
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    Close but no cigar......

    smile a little more man,you're supposed to be enjoying them fishing outings,by the pics she's much more happier fishin than you are..:) nice fish.there's a small lake close to here that has some submarine size grass carp..never tried to catch one though..

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