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  1. HCDH66


    I use an old-school Buck 110. It holds an edge well, is durable, and fits in my hand well. I can use it on several deer a year between sharpenings.
  2. HCDH66

    Wife’s Deer, Christmas Present, Memorial

    What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it with us and also for your thoughtfulness.
  3. HCDH66

    Cast iron finds

    This is excellent advice. I have restored many cast iron pieces with a process almost identical to this one Lady Hunter details. I have switched to using Crisbee for the oil material to season. It works really well.
  4. HCDH66

    Venison Shanks

    I made the recipe below this past weekend, and it was so good that I would like to share it. I doubt I will ever grind a deer shank again. Venison Shanks - Crock Pot Start around breakfast time in order to eat for dinner. Leave meat on the bone but cut each end of bone off. Prepare chopped...
  5. HCDH66

    CVA Wolf

    Plus, those 3 pellet charges tend to beat the &%$# out of your shoulder.
  6. HCDH66

    CVA Wolf

    I use 2 50-grain Pyrodex pellets and 250 gr. Hornady SST sabots. It shoots 1 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards. When initially sighting it in, I kept trying a max load of 3 50-grain Pyrodex pellets. I could not get good groups at all. As soon as I tried the 100 grain load, it shot like a charm...
  7. HCDH66

    Rumor bunch of COs quit?????

    So you are saying you don't get benefit from the department of fish and wildlife? Sorry to be so direct, but that statement is utterly ridiculous. So we should just do away with limits and seasons? We should just shoot or catch whatever the heck we want? How did that work out in the late...
  8. HCDH66

    Special young man, big buck

    Great story! Amazing buck. Congrats to all.
  9. HCDH66

    Niece’s first buck

    Congratulations Hadley! Nice buck.
  10. HCDH66

    Hunting year to remember

    Congratulations on a great season and cherished memories.
  11. HCDH66

    Tagged out

    Nice job!
  12. HCDH66

    Canned venison

    Great way to enjoy deer meat without having to take up freezer space.
  13. HCDH66

    Caught one cruising

  14. HCDH66

    Not my best but a memorable one

    Congratulations on a great buck. "Trophy" has many definitions. That picture of you and your grandpa with your buck will end up being more valued than any deer you will take.
  15. HCDH66

    She scored!

  16. HCDH66

    Gray Ghost

    Nice job! Congratulations!
  17. HCDH66

    The Shaman Nails a buck

    Congratulations! Nice buck!
  18. HCDH66

    Hunting in rain

    As Clint Eastwood says, "A man's got to know his limitations." I applaud you for acknowledging them and hunting accordingly as to what is comfortable for you.
  19. HCDH66

    .350 Legend?

    I do not own a 350 Legend, but I think I may get one one of these days. From the research I have done, I think that as long as your shots are within 200 yards, it should work well. Where I deer hunt, that is plenty.
  20. HCDH66

    Where to shoot

    On broadside shots, I prefer to aim my crosshairs about an inch in front of the front leg and halfway up the body. In the frontal shot you described in the original post, I aim for the junction of the neck and the brisket. I think the head shot is very risky as far as terribly wounding an...

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