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    Mississippi River is going dry

    Count me in too, Ill ride the wheels off of that soapbox. Ill even bring the crackers if youve got some mustard.
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    whats going on everywhere?

    We killed 29 in three days in ballard this weekend. I think we got a small push right before season and they left opening day. Lots of spoonies a few mallards a few gadwalls no teal whatsoever, actually a handful of bluebills seen. Some specks and a few canadas. A LOT of the white grease we saw...
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    The "best" shell for ducks?

    this is funny! to the TS, buy different boxes of shells until you find some that you like. There is no formula for that. They will all kill ducks, what fits you and your gun should decide what you shoot. 3 inch hevi metal 2s - 4s or xperts 2 - 4.
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    Braidwood Hunt Club Illnois

    not anymore lol...
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    Migrating Today 11-12-12

    They need to stay outta my dern corn. Run up about 5000 on it the other day while we were up there........ If the winters keep going like they have Im gonna jump to the front of the line on the early season line...... Seems like its gonna be the same as last year....... too cold too...
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    Friday Oct 26

    Who are you pushing? Why?
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    Public Land

    I wish a five gallon bucket was all that we took out of our private land pits the first year we had them. Pretty crazy what people drag in. We keep a trashcan in all of our blinds with bags. If its trash that can go back in your blind bag we tell people if you pack it in you pack is out. (the...
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    May the DOOM be with you

    Well im a corn clubber lol. But i will say that there is more than a weekend calendar lull every year in reg season to put a week in for early AND to help calm ducks in reg w a split because i believe if they find somewhere with food and less pressure they wont leave. Unless weather moves them...
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    May the DOOM be with you

    Lmao i gotcha. I just thought there was a link possibly password encrypted to a secret thread maybe.
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    May the DOOM be with you

    I must be too new to the game, but why do you guys hate corn clubbers so much? and wheres the thread explaining doomers? lmao, I kinda understand the doomer thing, Im assuming the corn clubber moniker suits anyone within 10 miles of a refuge hunting private cropground with gauranteed water?
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    wood ducks and mojos

    I havent really ever had luck with decoying them at all. I agree with both other comments though, as I know quite a few people that have had some luck with them. I would either find a spot you know woodies are hitting and setup up on them with the spread you mentioned, hope for some bonus...
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    Friday Oct 26

    I would be fine with a week lost in jan somewhere, to put in for early season. I feel it would help late season too.
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    Decoy Spread Question

    I would put them in the shape of a duck. that way the patrol can get a laugh.
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    Ya'll was right about the rice.....Pests ate my whole hole up!!!!

    Well all I can say is that if its ok with you, I would gladly pay to come get rid of those blackbirds for you. Those blackbirds go great with some mashed potatoes and gravy!
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    Duck call
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    can you grow rice in ky?

    Hey you may get lucky enough that the blackbirds will do their share of the reseeding. A hybrid rice in jap millet would be a hard combo to top. Its pretty wild how rice works.
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    can you grow rice in ky?

    I love it, just proof of what I was saying in another post, anything that grows in MOMO can be grown here just as well. The difference is that MOMO is under the interstate of traffic. But something tells me that if we have a winter like last year, someones (^) gonna have some feathers in that rice.
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    Don't let them fool you...

    puddin, it is true that once the silks get fried the corn naturally stops production? That two weeks of heat that we had from what I had been told supposedly burnt the silks on the ears and stopped the ears from producing. I am by no means a farmer, just curious. I didnt notice anything like...
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    Don't let them fool you...

    I gotcha. And i will have to say that yes, if we dont get the weather to get them down here, your right. food no food, water no water we wont get anything. On a warm year, they will definately use the sloughs and feed on things other than grain. I just cannot see the lack of corn not effecting...
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    Don't let them fool you...

    And MOMO is starting to beat up on arkansas pretty bad. lots of rice, mild temps and less pressure that arkansas. Although the pressure is getting worse fast.

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