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    How many of you passed up decent deer?

    I'm frustrated with this. I passed a decent 10 point. Pretty rack. Only to find out the neighbor shot it. Passed another decent 8 to find it it was shot also. Wish people could let them go so they can grow
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    Warm Weather for opening weekend on gun

    Thanks for the input. Hopefully one like that strolls by me sat morning. Cant get out in the woods until then. Unforunately the orange army will be out too. I guess Ill just have to deal with all the other folks in the woods too.
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    Warm Weather for opening weekend on gun

    I just saw the weather report for this weekend. Low 70's in some areas with lows at night around 55. Has anyone had any luck opening weekend of gun in warm weather? I know deer will still be moving just from the presence of everyone and thier brother in the woods opening morning but has anyone...
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    What is your opinion on September Bow Hunting in Kentucky ?

    I love hunting is September. Everyone in our camp seems to have god success because the deer are predictable. Last year a guy in our camp killed a 140 inch deer in full velvet on opening morning thanks to trail cams.
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    How about a little buck deer fun?

    my guess 119 1/4
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    Rut report

    anyone seen any rut activity? if so, where?
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    Just moved, Need help finding somewhere to hunt!

    I know. I got a late start but I will figure something out. I love hunting too much to skip a season
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    What's the most deer you have ever seen in 1 day while hunting?

    Opening day of gun season last year in western ky i saw 15 different bucks and a total of 22 deer that morning. It was an exciting hunt. I probably saw that many deer because everyone and thier brother are in the woods on opening morning of gun season. but either way it was fun
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    Just moved, Need help finding somewhere to hunt!

    Thanks guys....I guess I will try knocking on some doors and start saving money for gas.
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    Just moved, Need help finding somewhere to hunt!

    Hey I just moved to lexington, ky from western, ky and I have no clue where to hunt. Back in western, ky i have places but i cant afford to drive 5 hours every weekend. Can anyone help?
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    Congrats on your deer

    Congrats on your deer
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    Yall should like this

    haha....I just got married in JULY!!!
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    Football or hunting?

    Hunting for sure.....takeing my cell phone so my non hunting buddies can update me on the game.....also there is always sportscenter
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    My Big Boy is sheding his velvet.

    Nice deer. If you could take him with some velvet still on there it would make for a cool mount
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    Thermacell? to this
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    millenium stands

    Thats what this one did, but you have to be slick to do that with a deer coming....there is alot of movement to do that....its no problem , just something to get used too
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    Does anyone use a thermacell while hunting? I have one but it smells pretty bad and im a little scared to take it in the deer woods with me. afraid of spooking deer. any suggestions?
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    millenium stands

    Hunted out of one millenium lock on.....very comfortable stand...can sit in it all day long. The only thing is that the seat sticks out so far it cuts your platform off. So the platform seems kindof small. If you can life the seat up while you stand you have planty of room. Overall a great...
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    need a change of underwear

    Where was that thing killed at? would hate to step on one of those.
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    Tennessee is trying to constitutionalize the right to hunt

    hey man i just graduated from murray....did you go there?

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