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    Labrador Dog Training Videos

    I haven’t trained a lab in over 10 years. Last time I used WATER DOG 2Nd edition video with Charles T Journey by Richard Wolters Several people have said they are new and improved methods now. Is there something may be quicker or better to use now. Thanks again For any help
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    Hello sir Hunting blood line Any contact information Thanks again

    Hello sir Hunting blood line Any contact information Thanks again
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    Lab pup or started dog

    Interested. Hunting blood line? Contact information?
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    Lab pup or started dog

    We are extremely interested in a lab as a family pet and dove/goose dog. We used to have labs and trained them for retrieving trials all over ky Indiana Tennessee. Then kids came along . Curious what you have available? Happy Thanksgiving
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    Dove Hunting Detailed planting guide

    Is there a detailed Dove Hunting planting guide what is legal? Seems to be a ton of grey area depending on who you speak to Thanks again
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    Dove Hunting Outfitters. Public Fields

    Hello everyone. Just curious if there is any dove hunting outfitters in Central Kentucky 60 miles from Bardstown or so. Definitely willing to pay$. Thanks
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    Best Trail Camera

    I know it's probably been posted many times but I cannot find an existing post. 1. Dependability 2 battery life 3 good nighttime pics without a regular flash. 4 under $150 Thanks in advance
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    Clover and Alfalfa Drill?

    Where can I find a No till driil that I can plant alfalfa @ clover? I have been looking on craigs list? I would also like to be able to plant wheat and sunflowers. Which means I may have to block a few of the output holes to plant sunflowers. Thanks for any help.. Preferably used..
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    Spring 2011 ?

    Can anyone tell me where & when I can find out spring Turkey 2011 youth & regular season is ? Thanks
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    Binoculars Help? Please

    Thanks for help I will try to look at nikon monarchs.
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    Binoculars Help? Please

    I am looking for a good pair of binoculars that do well in low light for the last 10 min of light. I dont have to see 500 yards mostly 100 yards @ in but they need to be small enough to use for everything. I tried the michael waddels bushnell excursions they where not very good low light. I...
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    Nice PICS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    Liability Issue?

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    Liability Issue?

    Wondering if anyone knows of document that you can get people to sign that holds up in court. Like when someone is four wheeling or hunting. Thanks for any info
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    Help.. Tiller box question for food plots..

    I was wondering if anyone has ever broke chain on 5ft tiller box. Is there a idler pulley or adjuster to get chain back on after fixeed chain its a farm king. Or do i need a chain stretcher to get it back on. Thanks for info
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    takin my son hunting

    Dove hunting is perfect. Plenty going on dont have to get up early. My kids Love it.
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    How far can shotgun shell reach..

    Curious how you figured so precise... Thanks
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    How far can shotgun shell reach..

    I figured this may be the best place to post. I tried googling could not find anything. Wondering max distance of 12 gauge shotgun shell 2 3/4 7 1/2 shot low brass. Just wondering on my dove field how far I have to worry about shot traveling. Thanks for info or links
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    Perfect Turkey Field?

    Thanks I was wondering if sand would really work. thanks.
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    Dove Field?

    So aproximate 10lbs acre that sounds more right .. Thanks

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