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  1. Chester

    Big buck painting.

    That is just awesome, drc. Beautiful work...
  2. Chester

    Phones in the stand

    That is pretty funny...
  3. Chester

    Hunting Polar Bears

    I saw it for the first time on Fox News last night. Looks pretty brutal and I am sure the liberal media outlets won't report much on it. But you can guarantee if it was reversed (whites attacking defenseless blacks) they would be all over it.
  4. Chester

    Why does zone one and two

    Highbow...Saw your buck on the harvest thread. Congrats...he was a dandy!
  5. Chester

    Muck Boots

    I have the Woody Max that I got for Christmas last year. They are very comfortbale and pretty warm, but there were a few mornings this fall my toes got a little chilled and I had to throw on an extra pair of socks.
  6. Chester

    Why does zone one and two

    Like many guys have said, we couldn't handle another week of gun season in Johnson County. But I would be willing to bet when I am in the stand this weekend, there will be several high powered shots ring out...I don't think gun season ever goes out for some people.
  7. Chester

    QUestion about Turtle Man.

    My wife and girls stood in line during Van Lear Days to meet Neal and Turtleman. We waited for 8 hrs in the steaming heat to meet these guys, and we finally made it to them at 1am. As we waited I couldn't understand why it was taking so long for the line to move. When we got to him I understood...
  8. Chester

    How many have there buck tags left?

    Still have mine as well. If I can't put my tag on one by the late ML season, I will just kill another doe for the freezer.
  9. Chester

    Filled my buck tag in the snow!

    Great buck, KB! Well done!
  10. Chester

    Cats/Michigan State

    You know I really thought MSU would kill us on the boards, but we out-rebounded them by double digits, which was a pleasant surprise. We just didnt get the most important defensive rebound of the game...and like you said that can be chalked up as inexpereince. They were ball watching instead...
  11. Chester

    Cats/Michigan State

    I believe the NCAA is trying to put offense/scoring back as the main staple of college basketball again. Many were complaining about how physical the game had gotten, and the entertainment aspect had suffered because of it. I think you will eventually see the scoring averages of most teams...
  12. Chester

    Cats/Michigan State

    Ain't that the truth.
  13. Chester

    Cats/Michigan State

    Well now the 40-0 talk will stop. With that said, the Cats missed a ton of ft's and had a bunch of turnovers, and still had a chance to win the game. They will be pretty good come Feb and March. And Randle is an absolute stud.
  14. Chester

    Hunting with wheels

    W/CHunter...that video is one if the best examples of inspiration and determination I have seen! That was pretty moving! May God continue to bless you!!!
  15. Chester

    Eastern Kentucky rut activity?

    I have been seeing scrapes and rubs on the farm I hunt in Johnson County for the last 2 weeks...just no big deer sightings yet.
  16. Chester

    Eastern Kentucky rut activity?

    Not sure Belle...but this happened to me last year. Seemed like the 2 weeks before rifle season they all just disappeared, even the does. I know it is frustrating, but I am hoping one makes a mistake and shows up in the near future. Best of luck to you! How close to Franks Creek are you?
  17. Chester

    Eastern Kentucky rut activity?

    One of my friend's dad killed a nice 12 pointer this evening right at the edge of dark...said he was just cruising.
  18. Chester

    Paintsville lake quota hunt

    I couldn't remember the exact number of does but I knew it had an 8 in it. I believe you are right.
  19. Chester

    Paintsville lake quota hunt

    I think there were 350 hunters and only 2 bucks checked in and about 8 does. I live here in Johnson Co and never out in for that hunt...always heard it was a dangerous weekend to be in the woods out there.
  20. Chester

    Eastern Kentucky rut activity?

    I dont...grew up down there though. I new I recognized the deer in your avatar picture and then saw your name. Remember seeing the deer on twitter. MR

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