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    Still trying but dad still holds the record!

    Very nice memory to have.
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    Outfitter teasing my wife

    Unfortunately no points.
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    Outfitter teasing my wife

    Who is the outfitter...if you don't mind me asking?
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    Youth tag filled!!!

    Congratulations on a great shot and bull.
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    KY Archery elk report

    I know a 3D decoy would work. It was the 2D big flat cow elk that surprised me. I guess I don't have to understand it to know it works.
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    KY Archery elk report

    No bugles. Was really wanting to hear some. We walked up on this one about 30 minutes after daylight with my guide using a huge cow elk cutout decoy. He was going into the timber but the cow call brought him back out. Never seen anything like it in my live. Walked from about 300 yards to 71...
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    KY Archery elk report

    Here are some pics of my bull.
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    KY Archery elk report

    That is a tough decision. Maybe I should have waited on mine, but never having killed an elk I was glad to get one on the ground. Mine was 71 yards straight uphill. Us flatlanders aren't used to that!!!
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    Appreciate it. Did you have a lot of points built up?
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    KY Archery elk report

    I killed a small bull Sunday morning in Unit 7. Coming from western KY I found that to be some rough country. This was my first elk, so I was happy to get him on the ground and to the processor. I didn't see any other elk killed when I was there. Weather there getting cooler for next couple...
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    Who is the outfitter if you don't mind me asking?
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    RA/unit results

    Hunting with Beaver Creek Outfitters.
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    RA/unit results

    I didn't get any of my choices. Drew Unit 7 for either sex archery.
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    Elk Hunt Lodging 2022

    Just sent you a message.
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    Opening morning updates from the stand thread!

    Two 4s, a 6, an 8 point, one doe and 24 turkeys.
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    Where are the hunters and first morning early ML report

    4 bucks (travelling in groups of two) and 11 does/fawns. No shooters but a busy morning.
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    How many still get excited

    I have killed well over 100 deer in my lifetime. However, when I stop getting excited I will probably stop hunting.
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    My Big 07 Kentucky Buck

    Great deer. What county did he come from?
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    Quiet in West Ky

    Saw one spike and one doe this morning...very slow. I did kill a shot at 312 yards. That was the highlight of my morning. Plan on getting back out there this afternoon.
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    Quiet in West Ky

    I forgot to tell you...I had already used all the good grunts in that call:D I hunted Calloway Co this afternoon and heard shooting all around me...probably 10-12 fairly close shots. However, my luck is still holding...I saw nada!!!!

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