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  1. jeffd34006

    340 Weatherby

    Pm sent
  2. jeffd34006

    Cold weather socks

    Alpaca is the best!
  3. jeffd34006

    Hydrodip today

    What he said! I desperately need a stock dipped!
  4. jeffd34006

    4-12x40 Riflescope FS

    So, haven’t heard anything from this seller and they have not been back online since Friday.
  5. jeffd34006

    4-12x40 Riflescope FS

    I'll take it. PM to follow.
  6. jeffd34006

    Forestry mulcher rental for bobcat near Lexington?

    Bobcat has them... I have used it and it is magic.
  7. jeffd34006

    Bad deal here

  8. jeffd34006

    Do you have any pics?

    Do you have any pics?
  9. jeffd34006

    Hydro dipping

  10. jeffd34006

    870 20 guage 21 inch barrell brand new

    Where are you located?
  11. jeffd34006

    Hydro dipping

    I’ll look into that! Thanks!
  12. jeffd34006

    Hydro dipping

    Who do we like to hydro dip a shotgun? I would love to get Realtree Advantage Timber and just get the rear stock done. (I’m replacing a pistol grip stock) But, I’m prepared to get the whole gun dipped. Thanks for your help! Jeff
  13. jeffd34006

    Do you have a pic of the reloading stuff, and what die is the 22?

    Do you have a pic of the reloading stuff, and what die is the 22?
  14. jeffd34006


    SPF..... Make that SOLD
  15. jeffd34006


    I have an EZ Green bow press, used it 1 time. It is still in the original box. It has the arms for draw stops as well. Asking 300... In the Lexington area... PM any questions
  16. jeffd34006

    Archery Target - Lexington

    got a pic?
  17. jeffd34006

    WTB break barrel .410

    You ever find one? If not, PM me..
  18. jeffd34006

    SOLD....Please remove thread

    I'll give ya 75 for it all, less the Quiver... PM on the way.
  19. jeffd34006

    Mrs Doe Pee Lure FS

    We just got some of this in the store, it came refrigerated, and we had no room to refrigerate it so i brought it all home. 1.25 oz doe in estrus 9 per bottle 8 oz continuous scrape set 20 per bottle 16 oz continuous scrape set 30 per bottle 2oz doe urine 9 per bottle 2oz buck in rut...
  20. jeffd34006

    watching it rain....

    watching it rain....

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