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  1. Wampuscat

    Confirmed cinnamon teal in Christian county

    i killed one about 13 years ago in Lyon county. folks were skeptical. why is the wet blanket HOL still hanging around? im pretty sure people like her are paid to kill forums where typically conservative folks congregate.
  2. Wampuscat

    The Days are Receding.....

    Tough to share struggles but it’s appreciated when you do by all parties. Nice perspective.
  3. Wampuscat

    Turn on the news right now !

    Burn it.
  4. Wampuscat

    Does Ky recognize electronic federal duck stamps?

    They do not, not sure the reason why not. Bout half the states do
  5. Wampuscat


    There’s not enough ducks on those lakes to break the limit combined.
  6. Wampuscat

    They Found Out.

    “Downtown” is a big area. Most likely fine but stay strapped.
  7. Wampuscat

    They Found Out.

    Closer to home all the Breona Taylor bullshit that’s ruined a large section of this and see if it fits the mayor and the media narrative. I promise it doesn’t. She knew EXATCTLY what game she was...
  8. Wampuscat

    Fly in

    Anyone have a solid fly in lake recommendation for Canada?
  9. Wampuscat

    Back from a Canoe/Camping trip along the Canadian border BWCA

    I was there in a different section first week of august. Similar story to Pentails. Saw grouse crossing the road on the way up.
  10. Wampuscat

    Keeping Largemouth to eat

    Eating, or at least keeping bass has become a contrarian badge of honor.
  11. Wampuscat

    Great Idea for real men only.

    How do you set the ignore button? Better yet, can a mod remove people?
  12. Wampuscat

    Great Idea for real men only.

    Wonder how much the democrats pay her to come on here daily with her drivel trying to kill a place where typically conservatives hang out?
  13. Wampuscat

    Great Idea for real men only.

    Huntress is actually Carole Baskins.
  14. Wampuscat

    Ash Tree Survivor

    They killed at least 8 large trees in my back yard. Hate it. If you prune hard you can sometimes save them.
  15. Wampuscat


    IVE GOT IT! HOL is actually Carol Baskin!!! I knew I’d figure it out eventually.
  16. Wampuscat

    Stealing from sportsmen

    Can we get a line holding Democrat on jere to defend the governors actions? I need to see it.
  17. Wampuscat

    Stealing from sportsmen

    You ever seen the government improve a program? Do you think they will use that money that SPORTSMEN pay in on sportsmen? Hail naw. If he needs teacher money then raise taxes. I’m confused by this line of questioning if you aren’t a democrat.
  18. Wampuscat

    Season of hate over

    I don’t read his/her nonsense. Isn’t it odd the amount of energy someone expends online to a group that detests them?
  19. Wampuscat

    Season of hate over

    Did you guys know the Democrats pay people to go on forums, Reddit, etc anywhere people they don’t agree with gather online and cause social disruption? Just like our douche bag hol. Pretty brilliant strategy.
  20. Wampuscat

    Stealing from sportsmen

    What’s going on with lil Andy in Frankfort? I heard on Straders radio show he’s trying to steal money from the DEPT of fish and wildlife? Anyone got in-depth info on this?

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