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    Big Bobcat down!

    Congrats, nice one!
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    Any CCDW guys seen this?

    LC9 is what I carry. During the summer I have it in a pocket holster. Winter time on my hip.
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    Bear skin rug needs good cleaning

    I used an air compressor and vac on mine. It looked alot better when I was done.
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    Rural King blowout sale

    Wow I'll check mine tomorrow. The last time I was in the store there wasn't much left.
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    One great month.

    Nice bucks!! I would say you do your homework and spend alot of time in the woods. Congrats!
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    First deer: charcoal

    Wow yelper, you did a great job.
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    He showed up!!

    Wow that's a nice buck. Hope ya get him!
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    goin to ohio to deer hunt?

    Hope you didn't come up for muzzleloader season. The last two days was really cold. Haven't heard what the total was.
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    Big bear down !!

    Real nice bear, congrats to all!
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    Armadillo at Higgonson Henry WMA

    That would be weird to be setting in a stand and have one walk by.

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