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  1. patiodadio

    Pickled eggs

    I remember the big glass jar of pickled eggs sitting on the counter at old country stores. They always seemed to be really good
  2. patiodadio

    Inshore super slam

    I would love to do a trip just like that !
  3. patiodadio

    my own land

    I know some folks that live in a rural subdivision maybe a mile west of the DFW Game farm in Frankfort. Their HOA strictly forbids discharging any firearm. Even though it’s out in the country. Crazy times and getting crazier every day
  4. patiodadio

    Police Shooting North Carolina

    How long before they start tossing in armed robots to shoot someone ?
  5. patiodadio

    Senior Lifetime License

    Just my 2 cents but , I’m 66 and have been buying the combo license since I was 16. I always thought the senior price was kinda giving us old fellas a break after years of paying full price. I don’t think the new lifetime license is for me tho ……
  6. patiodadio

    Rumor bunch of COs quit?????

    Way back in 1978, I took the exam for a Game Warden and passed. A friend was the county GW then and told me I had the job if I wanted it. The pay was really low, you had to furnish your own vehicle, they only provided a shirt for a uniform etc. My wife and family talked me out of it. I’ve always...
  7. patiodadio

    3 young greys this evening

    I love fried squack 😊
  8. patiodadio

    Anybody want a kitten?

    Great pic !
  9. patiodadio

    Fall Squirrel Season 2022

    I just use Kentucky Kernel seasoned flour. Roll the pieces in flour, fry slowly in iron skillet with bacon grease 😊
  10. patiodadio

    Ammo shortage continues.

    Ammo is getting easier to find but the price is crazy.
  11. patiodadio

    Last of the Band of Brothers

    We need men like those guys now more than ever !
  12. patiodadio

    Many Thanks….It Has Been A Pleasure

    Lots of great fishing in Florida , enjoy
  13. patiodadio

    Deer Rifle Poll (prep)

  14. patiodadio

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    $4.70’s everywhere here in north Florida
  15. patiodadio

    Honest answer

    We here in Eastern Ky live right between the Atlantic flyway and the Mississippi flyway. You may be able to find some resident geese around the Big Sandy River. But over all it’s tough going for us waterfowl hunters here. Welcome to Ky 😊
  16. patiodadio

    Keep an Eye on Turtle

    My wife works at a middle school. The doors are always locked and you must go thru at least 2 locked doors to get to any classrooms etc. They have a “SRO “ school resource officer (policeman) on-site most of the time
  17. patiodadio

    First bird pictures

    They didn’t have cameras back then 😂
  18. patiodadio

    Don't look into the fireball--possible/perceived national threats

    I'm afraid Joe has given the Chinese any and all of our secrets .
  19. patiodadio

    Shot a Possum in the House

    Same thing happened here a few weeks ago. I put a heating pad in the cats house and noticed one cold night she wasn't in it. Sure enough a big possum had moved it. He didn't want to cooperate , so his time was up.
  20. patiodadio

    App Coming for Licenses

    The last 2 times the CO's checked my license, I complained to them that we need to do something different about our current license. They said an App type license is coming but might take a couple of years to be implemented.

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