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  1. LungBlood

    Absolute GIANT

    Damn that didn't take long, the deer isn't even dead yet and people are claiming high fence.
  2. LungBlood

    Mineral site update video. Jefferson co ky

    I've never sprayed down before going to check my cameras and I've been running them for over 10 years. Only time I have is when I plan on hunting. I will say, during the summer and early season of bow season all my cameras can be checked from my 4 wheeler. No need to spray down, the deer know...
  3. LungBlood

    TSC trace minerals vs More expensive products

    I use TCS cattle mineral, that has pretty much every mineral that all "deer minerals" have in them for a fraction of the cost. The cattle mineral is low on salt content so I buy trace mineral, which is like 95% salt and mix it with the cattle mineral. The results have been pretty good so far...
  4. LungBlood

    Pendleton/Grant County Bucks

    Do you need a hunting buddy? Lol
  5. LungBlood

    Diver mount

    Looks great!
  6. LungBlood

    He is still around

    He put on way more than 10" for last year, he was only a 7pt last year.
  7. LungBlood

    Pendleton/Grant County Bucks

    Put out a trail camera and corn, you'll know what's there after a few weeks. You won't get every deer on camera but it'll give you a good idea on what's there.
  8. LungBlood

    Last year & this year?

    No way for me to tell from them 2 pictures.
  9. LungBlood

    Few deer pictures

  10. LungBlood

    Logan County Backyard

    Nice work!
  11. LungBlood

    New to kentucky gonna try some public land

    There are big deer killed at Ft. Campbell every year.
  12. LungBlood

    2014 Bow Kill

    I never did post pictures of my 2014 buck after I got him back. @WhiteRubi did a great job and I highly recommend him. He has my 2015 buck at his shop now.
  13. LungBlood

    Score and age...

    Damn, he's way further along than any other buck I've seen this year. I can't believe he's out of velvet already!
  14. LungBlood

    Have I mentioned I'm ready for season?

    Not the same deer then.
  15. LungBlood

    Have I mentioned I'm ready for season?

    What county? I have have a buck that looks a lot like that buck. But it's hard to tell this early in the year.
  16. LungBlood

    Fawn from 5/15

    Haha, she took it right up a 20' creek bank. I guess she was testing the fawn out. Lol
  17. LungBlood

    Double whiskey barrel mount

    Awesome work.
  18. LungBlood

    Couple bucks to keep an eye on.

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  19. LungBlood

    Fawn from 5/15

    Probably the earliest I have got a picture of a fawn. The doe was probably bred anywhere from the middle to last week of October. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. LungBlood

    What to do when you hear no gobbling???

    Go fishing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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