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  1. ky_horsetrainer

    Christmas giveaway

    I'm in! would make a great house warming gift for my fiance! she feeds me well!
  2. ky_horsetrainer

    late season chances?

    I am still getting a few mature bucks on camera, both day and night. I have filled my tag but if all holds out I am hoping to put my fiance on one late muzzle loader seeing she hasn't ever killed a buck.
  3. ky_horsetrainer

    john deere 5045 - 5055 - 5065 E tractor

    I have a 5200 and it does fine for plowing and bush hogging and such. My only down fall with a JD is repair cost but I think Kabota's are just as pricy. They are a good utility tractor (6' bush hog, 2 gang plow, 8' disc, disc mower, square bailer, etc...) if you are looking to roll hay you need...
  4. ky_horsetrainer

    anyone know of a good taxidermist in southeast ky

    HUGH'S TAXIDERMY in Manchester did mine last year and was excellent. pretty quick turn a round too.
  5. ky_horsetrainer

    What to do?

    I didn't wasn't for sure he had Got my card till he went to put it back. Just heard him mess with it. I hollered at him but to no avail. At least he is gone now and he didn't steal nothing. As far as him flipping me off I could careless. That's a laughable bit to me. I learned to pick my...
  6. ky_horsetrainer

    What to do?

    Well he came in 10 minutes till day light and stopped at my camera then on to his stand. I just sat there. He saw me about 8 and flipped me off! Got out of his stand and back to my camera. At this point I hollered at him and he took off walking. Checked the camera when I got down and had 151...
  7. ky_horsetrainer

    Roll call

    Been in the stand since 5:15 est. with the trusty Bowtech and this thing called orange!
  8. ky_horsetrainer

    What to do?

    You got a point there. I will swing by his house after work and see if he knows who it might be. Either way he will know about it from me first and not the other guy starting stuff. Get ahead of the ball so to speak.
  9. ky_horsetrainer

    What to do?

    I considered taking their stand down and setting it in the drive coming into the field but then he might disrupt my hunting. The problem with getting the land owner involved is I don't want to lose permission to hunt myself because of some drama. I thought about leaving him a present on his seat...
  10. ky_horsetrainer

    What to do?

    I have been hunting a private farm near my house. I haven't seen a soul in my 15+ hunts there. Well yesterday evening I went to my stand and someone has set up a stand not 10 yards from mine (wasn't there Wednesday). Issue is I plan on hunting it all weekend and on, but want to be able to tell...
  11. ky_horsetrainer

    Whats a good afrodeeezeeak?

    "Loin Clothed Stud's Guide to Seduction" and B Hick can write the forward.
  12. ky_horsetrainer

    Whats a good afrodeeezeeak?

    Let her know how beautiful she is and how much you appreciate her on a day to day bases. Help her with her chores in the evening. Kiss her like you mean it in the morning even if her breathe stinks. Text her messages through out the day of your lustful desires to do with her and maybe a dirty...
  13. ky_horsetrainer

    Arrow Stop Material

    I have never had a field tip stick in one. They simply hit and bounce back a foot or 3. The sway absorbs the sock really well, I have never shot a broadhead at one though.
  14. ky_horsetrainer

    Arrow Stop Material

    A rubber stall mat hung a few inches off the ground to allow sway works great!
  15. ky_horsetrainer

    After work quickie turns out to be an awesome surprise!

    Not posted=free for all!? Oh hail no! If you don't own it, stay off of it, unless you have permission from the owner. At least you got permission to park.
  16. ky_horsetrainer

    Wrist strap release ideas

    I use the Little Bitty Goose also and like it. I have used a Tru-Ball also. Fine release, just felt more confidence in my LBG. I don't handle change well.
  17. ky_horsetrainer

    Can't stand trial do to ‘Unique Cultural Background’

    And they want bail for this ILLEGAL that KILLED a man, yet rule he is incompetent to stand trial do to his cultural back ground.
  18. ky_horsetrainer

    Shooting while Pregnant?

    I don't see it hurting the baby at all. Maybe a .22 cal would be better if she must get it now. but it is your kid she is carrying. Is it worth risking it at all? Just wait till after it's born. Kids are priceless.
  19. ky_horsetrainer

    How much do you know about the 2nd Amendment?

    I also closed out the window near the end. I had missed 3 questions counting the one about which shooters used the bushmaster. Its been proven that the AR wasn't used in sandy hook. Seems near the end the quiz was adjectively against AR's

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