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  1. ChrisInKY

    Red dot on a dedicated Turkey gun?

    I bought a Burris Fast Fire up at the NRA show in Indy. They had a rail mount system for it too. Took it out to the range and zeroed it with 7 1/2 shot ... cheap and effective. 100% satisfied. Good selection of dots to cycle through. Still fits in my cheap shotgun case.
  2. ChrisInKY

    Quit smoking much?

    I was at three packs a day. What are they, about $7/pack now (the average price in NYC is $15). 3 X $7 X 365 = $7,665/year. Over a 20 year span, that sum would fetch 1/2 the price of a decent house.
  3. ChrisInKY

    Quit smoking much?

    It's not smoking cigarettes. It's the addiction to nicotine. Once you quit, you don't mess with that stuff ever again. You can't chew, can't dip, can't vape, can't enjoy a cigar ... and expect to break away from the addiction. @Carl - You won't need luck, Brother. You've just gotta remember the...
  4. ChrisInKY


    60 here too. Yeah, I get fatigued more at this age than I did when I was younger. Do you snore at all? +1 on getting your thyroid function checked.
  5. ChrisInKY

    Bill Clinton listed nearly two dozen times on alleged Jeffrey Epstein flight log file leak

    That's always their game. Wait it out while continuing to live the best years of life. Same thing with Alec Baldwin. Someone's dead. There's no question the smoking gun was in his hand and no one else's. Open and shut case ... but, he's still walking around free.
  6. ChrisInKY

    Nicky Haley

    Dumbasses will vote for her just 'cause she's not hard to look at. Credit where it's due: she's smart and she can talk. Me? I know she's a RINO. Another POS politician. She's not on our side. She plays for the team that pays her.
  7. ChrisInKY

    Bill Clinton listed nearly two dozen times on alleged Jeffrey Epstein flight log file leak

    And nobody's gonna do a damned thing about it. You cross the line? Your kids cross the line? Somebody's going to jail. But ... not them.
  8. ChrisInKY

    Chinese spy balloon floating over US.

    Canada's attempt at softening perceptions ... considering they've allowed the Chinese an opportunity to mass forces at our northern border. Another thing the press didn't want to jump up and down about.
  9. ChrisInKY


    Cheap/Expendable. Sharpens nicely. +1
  10. ChrisInKY

    Next season, how to deal with neighbor's dogs

    If that's where the goalposts are, so be it. Wouldn't argue anything under such conditions. I completely sympathize with the OP (believe it or not). Killing their pets is not the answer though. Wasn't blessed with grandkids. My pup's probably a better companion anyway. My opinion is derived...
  11. ChrisInKY

    Beagle Shot while hunting

    Were I a betting man, this is where my money would be. ☝🏻
  12. ChrisInKY

    Next season, how to deal with neighbor's dogs

    This is a true statement. Maybe the best thing to do is take a lien out against their property for the cost damages suffered.
  13. ChrisInKY

    Next season, how to deal with neighbor's dogs

    I have to agree. If somebody killed my dog ... because he was being a dog ... it would be time for them to move somewhere I can't find them.
  14. ChrisInKY

    Breaking in your rifle barrel

    Why would you stop cleaning after every round at the five-shot mark? One look at my powder drop's reservoir and you can see how easily fouling happens. For precision rifle: Absolutely. For hunting rifles: Why not? For ARs: Nope.
  15. ChrisInKY

    Potential new regulations

    Problem we have is EVER letting the gooberment touch any damned thing we like at all. Give 'em an inch ... and they'll take a mile. Guaranteed.
  16. ChrisInKY

    VPA Broadheads

    LOL ... Just decided to give them a try. What I read was this design provides the best opportunity for a full passthrough. The single bevel is supposed to twist through and separate bone. Might be more than I need, but it'll be the arrow I use if a deer is closer in than 30yds. Took a diamond...
  17. ChrisInKY

    VPA Broadheads

    Sharpened two of 'em to show you. The steel is really hard. Gave up trying to remove the gouging. Measured weight went from 152.2 grains to 150.8 Worked the pitting out. Both are beyond hair-popping sharp. The one below weighed in at 152 grains. I gave it a hundred strokes on a 1000 grit...
  18. ChrisInKY

    VPA Broadheads

    Weekend blew past me. Will hopefully get back to sharpening 'em this evening. and test flying 'em before Saturday. I think some folks do 'get it', that when you hit a certain price-point a quality control slip is going to hurt your company's reputation. I doubt I'll ever shoot three broadheads...
  19. ChrisInKY

    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    You seem blind to the world that's going on around you. I voted for Trump, because the alternatives were unacceptable. What the government is doing now (both Republicans and Democrats) is telling We The People that They get to choose the candidates we are 'allowed' to vote for. Do you like $5+...
  20. ChrisInKY

    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    Unfortunate, but all too true. The gooberment killed Randy Weaver's little boy and his wife. Then they turned around and burned up a group of folks who weren't bothering anyone down in Waco. It's only gotten worse since then.

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