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    FS: CCI MiniMag .22LR plated round nose

    I will take it Bluemoon
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    seed question in Northern KY

    Didn't know that is what they are called now. Will have to get chicken feed there, lot closer to home.Just thought they was a tractor dealer.
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    seed question in Northern KY

    where in Walton is that, never seen it before
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    Why No Love, from the Covert Camera Company Anymore?!!!

    I never had that kind of customer service from Moultrie.Two cameras just out of warrantee and a sorry about your luck response from them over the phone
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    FOR SALE Mini Genasis bow

    bow is sold
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    Gun control song!!

    that was awesome
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    FOR SALE Mini Genasis bow

    75$ shipped
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    FOR SALE Mini Genasis bow

    no but I would ship it
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    FOR SALE Mini Genasis bow

    100$ they are 169 in bow shops
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    FOR SALE Mini Genasis bow

    Pink mini Genasis bow, same as used in NASP but smaller.It is not allowed in NASP.Was used by my grand daughter until she grew into the full size.She wants who own for competition.Perfect cond 150$
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    What's everyone shooting this weekend?

    ruger #1 270 with old win silvertip 130gr bullet handloads or a ruger 44 carbine for woods hunting
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    Toyota Tundra electrical issue?

    the battery in question wasn't old, maybe a year if that
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    Toyota Tundra electrical issue?

    check your battery,I had trouble with the clock and radio station settings in a camry but the car would start. Then it got to where it would not start right away. Had the battery checked and it was bad.
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    Ultimate Outdoor Expo

    Has anybody been to this in Lexington.Wondering if is worth going to?Went to the outdoor show in Columbus this year and it was nothing like it was years ago
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    smoking salmon

    Krogers has salmon on sale and if I remember right the ad said said 3.99lb for fresh caught. Thought it would be a good time to fill the smoker, question is what is the best way to keep that much salmon at once after smoking.Maybe vacuum seal and freeze or is there a better way?
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    gutter cleaning

    cheap oven cleaner from the doolar store
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    Deer/Turkey Expo.

    The Cloumbus Ohio show is 10 times the size they had at Louisville, takes a few hours to see it. We walked through Louisville show twice in 2 hours and left also too much flea market stuff
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    whats this track

    i have an old track book that I have had since I was a kid and bobcat was the closest looking track.The impression was maybe 2 in across.There was a bobcat seen on the road a couple times last summer.This is on Spillman rd for you local guys.
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    whats this track

    what made this
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    What made this track

    Sorry I can't get this picture to load

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