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  1. Little FR

    Got One in Indiana

    Congratulations. I love firing up a hen.
  2. Little FR

    Blood proof turkey bag.

    I don’t mind having blood on my hunting clothes. I usually take my car hunting because it doesn’t have straight pipes. I do mind having blood on the cloth seats. Coffee and blood on my uniform may raise some eyebrows.
  3. Little FR


    1) no 2) no These hard core bow hunters can’t kill enough deer as it is. 3) no Doesn’t matter to me but they’ll get cwd from normal contact and water holes either way. Just be an excuse for green jeans to poke around. 4-A) yes I think you should have to kill two doe for every buck. You kill...
  4. Little FR

    Prairie dog hunting

    A whole year and only 50 shots on groundhogs? Talk to some farmers. Ive killed 9 in 30 minutes in western KY 😳. My wife wanted to go on a prairie dog trip, the plague has wreaked havoc on most places. A few members gave us some good tips in a thread that’s a couple months old.
  5. Little FR

    The post anything thread

    Walks in quiet, looking like a regular 40 year old dad then nothing but absolute mayhem…
  6. Little FR

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    My wife asked how I wanted my turkey salad, I said “lots of onion and black pepper, no nuts, no fruit of any kind, other than that go wild”.
  7. Little FR

    Washington Bans AR-15s

    Hopefully. Otherwise when that generation of owners dies out from old age etc they’ll all be gone. I think they are fantastic coyote, deer, home defense and varmint guns. Not sure why everyone has it out for an inanimate object.
  8. Little FR

    The post anything thread

  9. Little FR

    Iso 10/22 charger $300. I’d shy away from those braces. All the ATF laws are changed. The amnesty period to register as sbr is drawing nigh.
  10. Little FR

    Y'all do a few anti-rain dances, alright???????

    Congratulations. No way I’d redo the photos. Dressing up like that is awful enough the first time. I’d go in with a can’t lose attitude and it’ll be a day to remember no matter what.
  11. Little FR

    Blood proof turkey bag.

    I keep a lawn and leaf garbage bag rolled up in the bottom of my Turkey vest. It’s turned into a rain poncho and been replaced a few times. Ive never seen a truly blood proof game bag, sounds like you had a unicorn. Good luck.
  12. Little FR

    The post anything thread

    My wife kitted out all our vehicles with an emergency bag, fero rods, emergency tents, paracord, lifestraws, carry ammo,candles, flashlights, tire plugs, air compressors, flares, compasses, MRE’s and toilet paper tablets… few other items every google ninja/prepper needs. It was funny till I...
  13. Little FR

    KDFW Auction May 1st

    I’d like to have that 870 Tactical. Gotta wonder what they were hunting with that.
  14. Little FR

    New Guy

    Welcome. Hard to beat a 336. Hopefully you’ll come across another bow soon.
  15. Little FR

    The post anything thread

    Toilet paper tablets. Saved my hunt yesterday. Would have been back to the truck by 7 or scrubbing off in a creek if it weren’t for these. They are dirt cheap and work. About a water bottle cap full of water and they turn into a full size paper towel. Things you didn’t know you needed. I think...
  16. Little FR

    KDFW Auction May 1st

    Be a chance for us to get some stands, guns, 4 wheelers and blinds back. Items listed I bet that fellow that lost the Christensen Arms 6.5 wanted to throw up...
  17. Little FR


    If nothing would eat them, they should run a toxicology analysis and start checking phone records. Sounds like a psycho hit them with a poison dart and is practicing before a crime spree.
  18. Little FR

    04/23 who’s hunting!

    Tried some “battle hunting” on public this afternoon. It sounded like a freaking R&D lab for busted owl hoots and I’m pretty sure I heard a mouth call rip off a series of coyote Kiyi. Seeking solitude, I wound up way back in the swamp where I deer hunt and the typical public land hunting...
  19. Little FR

    Where do they go?

    This 💯
  20. Little FR

    04/23 who’s hunting!

    I was in, set up, bet I heard 200 gobbles before sunrise… then a shot, close enough I covered my eyes and put head down so shot wouldn’t rain down on me from the roost blast. 30 minutes later a hen flew down by me and hung out. All morning. At 9:30 I struck a bird. I put a hen decoy 60 yards...

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