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  1. Oldrook

    Red dot on a dedicated Turkey gun?

    Sig on my turkey rig. Second year using one. I like it. Especially shooting that high dollar TSS. Had two friends at work trying a red dot for the first time this year. They liked them a lot. Think they both had Vortex. The warranty is great
  2. Oldrook

    QAD Exodus Broadheads

    I’ve had both good and bad results with SOME of those mechanicals. Not bashing them, but they haven’t always been kind to me.
  3. Oldrook

    Finally got my boat out

    I feel ya on the freezer. I’m down to a turkey breast, couple back strap, a deer roast and one summer sausage. Need some fish to fill some space. Work has been killing my outdoor time.
  4. Oldrook

    QAD Exodus Broadheads

    Anybody shoot these? What’s your experience with them. Swept or full blade? Wanting to try some new heads this year
  5. Oldrook

    In the market for a new Bow. What are you shooting?

    You bow hunting gators? Shooting a Mathews vxr 28 but I primarily hunt from a tree stand. Looking at trying a longer ata myself. Nothing wrong with my 28 just wanting to try new stuff. Shot a few new bows. Don’t know your budget but Prime Revex are pretty nice shooting. The Athens Vista 35 gets...
  6. Oldrook

    Momma slider (i think) laying eggs

    Will you mow around that area? Just curious. Will watch the babies hatch and go to the water? We watched them hatch on the beach one night and crawl into the gulf. It was one of those once in a lifetime things for me.
  7. Oldrook

    Banded Turkeys

    Fished at Barren River lake Wednesday and heard a couple gobblers hammering until around 7:30 AM.
  8. Oldrook

    Weight Distribution Hitch

    Added all up I still had some wiggle room. And yes, those hitches add significant weight. Bigger truck definitely on my list of must haves for the camper. Luckily I work where we have a certified truck scale and I can actually verify my math.
  9. Oldrook


    Caught one chasing squirrels for breakfast.
  10. Oldrook

    Weight Distribution Hitch

    Had an audience at set up. And the morning ride home was beautiful
  11. Oldrook

    Weight Distribution Hitch

    Not bad. Took my time getting my set up as good as I could. Aired up tires, spares, etc….Handled fine. Going to need an upsize for the future. Appreciate everyone’s help.
  12. Oldrook

    Weight Distribution Hitch

    Yep. Buying a combo distribution hitch with sway control bar at Camping World. Probably be trading trucks soon…….ugh! Thanks for everyone’s comments
  13. Oldrook

    Weight Distribution Hitch

    I’m going a day early to set everything up and get all my measurements set. Trying to limit my interstate travel for the ride home.
  14. Oldrook

    Weight Distribution Hitch

    Just acquired a camper through some quick unforeseen circumstances. Need to get a weight distribution hitch. Anyone have any recommendations? 25 foot camper towing home with 1500 Silverado Trying to get to Ky from southern Illinois this weekend.
  15. Oldrook

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    What did the dog smoke? Laid out!
  16. Oldrook

    20 gauge

    Ky Gun Co
  17. Oldrook

    20 gauge

    FYI. Know you got your mind made up but Ky Gun Co has 20 gauge Franchi Affinity in Mossy Oak Bottomland for $836 and free shipping. Not sure how much the Retay was. Just thought I’d pass that along
  18. Oldrook

    Missouri results

    I was in Missouri Wednesday. Saw several birds around. Picked up a Mo. Conservation magazine. They have 100 confirmed mountain lion sightings since 1994. We think bobcats are bad on turkey. I’d hate to deal with one of those big cats eating on some birds
  19. Oldrook

    Walleye Tournament Cheaters

    Gotta feeling those two won’t be stopped from having guns.

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