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  1. scratch

    Fair Winds and Following Seas.....

    We lost a great friend and fellow trapper this past week ! Sam Anderson aka CVN71Ordinance and his father were killed in a automobile accident...Sam lived in Strunk Ky. In McCreary county. He left behind his wife, two sons, grandchildren, a sister and his mother. Please keep this family in your...
  2. scratch

    Proud dad.... just needing to brag a little.

    Congrats Jamie...I know your proud of her.
  3. scratch

    DEC River Musky

    I gotta catch me one of them puppys:eagerness:
  4. scratch

    Any LBL Youth Quota Success?

    Nice longbeard...Congrats to the young lady and to you also,well done!!
  5. scratch

    2nd Debate Thread.....

    Kudos Buck well said
  6. scratch

    I believe I got a good deal....

    Love the Danner boots,Ive got a couple of pair that have the sole wore down fitting boot ive ever worn.
  7. scratch

    Rough Evening for my 11 year old

    Sam, Tell that boy to hold his head up and get back out there, most of us have been in this same spot before.Its part of learning to bow hunt,and its something he can learn from.Best of luck to the young man and to you also...
  8. scratch

    Mountainlions, I heard it on the call in show tonight

    I have nothing of value to add to this thread but this simple prayer.."lord with all the mountain lions that we have in this wonderful state, it's just a matter of time until someone is eaten.Please Lord let it be Bill..amen"
  9. scratch

    Prayers needed for Terry Sullivan aka Daking

    Good to see you up and about Terry.Take care of yourself
  10. scratch

    Lets talk coons traps

    ran three dozen duke dog proofs last them
  11. scratch


    Sad news....prayers sent for his family...
  12. scratch

    Hwy 68 bridge over KY Lake collapse?

    Wont that destroy their flag????
  13. scratch

    New Guy...Just Want To Into Myself

  14. scratch

    The Silence of The Hambs

    Outstanding thread barney.....
  15. scratch

    A Christmas prayer. . . .

    Well said Buck.....Merry Christmas Guys.
  16. scratch

    4 days till bear season!

    Ill be in Letcher Co.,where bouts will you guys be.They are calling for a chance of 2-6 inches of snow
  17. scratch

    My 2011 Kansas Whitetail

    Nice buck..congrats
  18. scratch

    Doubled Up on a Fall Hunt

    Congrats Guys...Great Pic
  19. scratch

    Its been a strange day

    CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH....I hope this is the start of something wonderful for you both !!

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