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  1. hotdog

    Chicken Fighting is Getting Rough

    I’ve been to the Blackberry pit several times to watch the fights. Heck around election time you would have just about every politician running for local office show up on fight night to campaign for your vote. There is a pit up on the old strip job behind my house that is still having fights.
  2. hotdog

    Who's still holding a buck ticket?

    I’m still holding mine. Seen several young bucks this season, just let them walk.
  3. hotdog

    12-11-22 Roll Call

    Just got in my blind here in Pike Co.
  4. hotdog

    Gave one a ride this morning.

    Nice buck! Congrats!!
  5. hotdog

    Guns, and Ammo.

    Remington 700 7mm mag, 160gr. Nosler accubond that I hand loaded
  6. hotdog

    10/29 roll call

    Seen 2 so far, 1 doe and another one that wouldn’t come out of the bushes couldn’t tell what it was
  7. hotdog

    10/29 roll call

    I’m sitting in a blind here in Pike Co. first day I’ve got to hunt in over a week. Hope to see something
  8. hotdog

    15 Oct roll call

    Just seen a little 4 point cross the ridge
  9. hotdog

    15 Oct roll call

    I’m sitting on a ridge top here in Pike Co. wind is pretty rough.
  10. hotdog

    Corn Prices 😡

    Tractor Supply in Pikeville had it for 9.99 50# last week.
  11. hotdog

    Trailer axle parts

    Is this what you’re looking for?
  12. hotdog


    Busted one in Pike co. this morning.
  13. hotdog

    Looking for a hunting truck

    Find you a good older model Toyota. I have a 2001 that has 220,000 miles on it and there’s not many mountain roads it hasn’t been on in Pike & Martin co.
  14. hotdog

    First Black Coyote

    I killed this one in Pike co. last year. When I first saw it I thought it was a dog.
  15. hotdog

    Taurus Tracker 17 HMR

    Where are you located?
  16. hotdog

    12 Nov Roll Call

    Just got in a blind here in Pike. Good luck everyone!!
  17. hotdog

    10 Nov Roll Call

    Only thing I’ve seen is this little 8 point
  18. hotdog


    Sorry to hear that, Will be praying for your family and you.

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