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    Elk Draw

    I drew a Archery crossbow either sex tag. My son drew this same tag last year and killed a big 6 x 6. I'm excited. I've been putting since the beginning except I missed a few years here and there. I've been putting my son in since he was 9 and he was 20 when he drew his tag.
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    Got my mount back

    Awesome mount. That's where my son took his bull he got a few weeks ago.
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    Stuffed Back Straps

    Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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    Meat grinders

    You can get stuffer plates but they will still grind the cheese up until its unrecognizable. If you want to be able to see the chunks of cheese in your summer sausage you will need a sausage stuffer. They are a lot easier to stuff with.
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    Green river lake / Casey creek

    Give us a report if you do I'm thinking about going towards the end of the week.
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    Barren river lake?

    Do any of you all fish Barren? I was curious about the crappie bite. Thanks for any info you can share. Feel free to PM if needed.
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    Garden 2021

    Looking good.
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    A couple before & after's....

    I just bought and cleaned up a Griswold wheat head skillet. I haven't seasoned it yet but need to soon.
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    2020 MN. Drum Survey

    He looks awesome!! Glad it worked out. Thanks for the comments. Hopefully we will cross paths again.
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    If any of y'all ever start to think life isn't worth living, please talk to someone!!

    In my opinion that is Devine intervention. I pray that the young man realizes that God didn't want him yet and he can get the help he needs.
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    North Dakota trip

    I've got 2 friends that have them. I haven't hunted with either of these 2. One of them had the 1st Pudelpointer I had ever been around and I Grouse hunted with them for a week. He going to be a real nice dog. He got ran over that nest spring. It was a bad deal.
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    2020 MN. Drum Survey

    That’s a good mix of red and grey phase. Cool bird.
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    2020 MN. Drum Survey

    I put the whole bird in a sock head first then in the freezer last night. Get with me when you get back.
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    2020 MN. Drum Survey

    I’m not sure why it posted so many pictures
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    2020 MN. Drum Survey

    is this what you’re looking for?
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    2020 MN. Drum Survey

    Nice post and pictures.
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    2020 MN. Drum Survey

    I'll keep an eye out. We are headed to the UP on the 11th. Good luck
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    Griddle Help

    Watch a video on seasoning it. Not hard to do at all. Use hard crisco or lard.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    There not people are buying them to store the food they are hoarding.
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    Man Cave/Hunters Quarters


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