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  1. Edm

    Hotel reservations canceled 😡

    I’ve had people do that to me. They usually offer to find me another hotel. I just complain to them and nothing happens.
  2. Edm

    870 Interchangeable Stocks and Forearms?

    Pretty sure you are good to switch those two.
  3. Edm

    Levis following Budwiser

    I haven’t bought a pair of jeans in 20 years. I wear them ,Albert 3 times a year when everything else is dirty. I just don’t like the way any fit. I wear carharts for work and on weekends. Fit much better and have more pocket room. Dickies also.
  4. Edm

    Memorial Day

    My first Battery commander and first Company Commander did not make it back. Great men. Thank you to them.
  5. Edm


    No, but I got enough. I left some cause I hate it when people don’t share.
  6. Edm


    Been so long I almost didn’t know what this was on the shelf.
  7. Edm

    Kids and shooting

    Great times. Some of my best memories are of my dad, my 6yo and me shooting in 3D archery shoots.
  8. Edm

    Be Careful What you SAY to the Law.

    I agree with you. However, it IS reckless to close your eyes and discharge a firearm in a neighborhood.
  9. Edm

    Rock Island Auctions

    I was listening to a muzzleloader podcast last week and they interviewed a guy that works there. Amazing job. They see some really cool and historic stuff come through there.
  10. Edm

    9mm ammo

    My garage…😏 For you though…centerfire has it cheaper than Cabellas or SW if you wanted to buy in person
  11. Edm


    All I use in mine are patched roundballs. I know you guys all have those fancy inlines but mine are flintlocks with a TC percussion Hawkin thrown in. I only use real black powder and don’t have issues. I have had issues with pyrodex in the past. My flintlocks are dead nuts accurate with...
  12. Edm

    Bud Light Honors Trans

    They aren’t losing my business because of this. They never had it to start with cause I don’t drink Bud light.. Told my son that they obviously have no sense of who their customer base is. It would be like if NASCAR banned the confederate flag at tracks....
  13. Edm

    As if brandon wasn't brain dead enough

    Clown world. Is having their own day gonna make it all better? God doesn’t make mistakes. You have external plumbing? You are a guy.
  14. Edm

    Trump Indicted

    I’m an odd one I guess. I liked a lot of stuff Trump did. I thought when he opened his mouth it was a toss up between good and stupid. I’m not voting for someone because of this only. He also banned bumpstocks and said you should have to be 21 to buy a rifle or shotgun. But otoh he helped...
  15. Edm

    Church vs State. NO EASTER HUNTING

    I’m still confused. Are you hunting colored turkey eggs on Easter?
  16. Edm

    Church vs State. NO EASTER HUNTING

    Can you hunt turkey eggs? I read this post this morning…I am back now and still don’t understand. Wait, are you mad that Easter is earlier this year? I don’t think a petition in KY caused that.
  17. Edm

    10mm ammo

    Same as above. Been shooting 10mm for over 20 years and I have never bought ammo. I load it all. The stuff on most shelves is just 40 S&w in a more expensive longer case. I can make mine how I want it.
  18. Edm

    WTB 870 Wingmaster 65-73 years

    I know, or Knew, not sure it’s still there…where there was a 16 gauge wingmaster that fit your criteria. Great shape. At a pawn shop in Grayson
  19. Edm

    Marlin 45/70

    Just asked him. Walmart had them for $350 plus Marlin had a $50 rebate.
  20. Edm

    Marlin 45/70

    I’ve had a couple of guide guns. Great guns. Both were bought for under $500 new 15-20 years ago. Sold both for something better at the time. About 8 years ago I think Walmart had Marlin 45-70s on closeout for under $200. Seriously. My brother bought one and still has it. Wish I would have.

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