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    Virginia Buck

    Yes. A great place to hunt. Some really nice ones were taken there so far this season. I'm actually heading up there to hunt this Friday and Saturday. Concur on the I-95 and 81. Never a pleasant drive.
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    Virginia Buck

    Fredericksburg Area
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    Virginia Buck

    These are all from that same geographic area. Less than25 mile radius.
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    Am I the only one…

    I’m in the process of finishing up one with a recliner. It was supposed to have been done back in august but things got in the way. 6’x 6’ x 7’ tall all steel framed and on 10’ legs.
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    DRT or SRT methods

    Just turned 58 and first year in a saddle. Love it. Does it replace everything stand wise, no. But it’s another tool that gives great flexibility. No more searching for the right tree. I’m init as I type. 4-6 hours no problem. Most uncomfortable thing for me after 6 sits has been my feet...
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    Welder/fabricator needed.

    I’ve put two lift kits on trailers like you describe. Not difficult to do. Of course I’m in Va so not much help to you.
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    My first MRI and one hell of a day

    I’ve had so many MRI’s over the years, I sleep during them. I once was having a brain scan and fell asleep. They had to stop the exam as I scratched my nose in my sleep and they thought I was having a problem. 😂.
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    Garden 2022

    Thanks all. I simply hated dealing with the gardens we had when I grew up in NE KY. Of course we were poor as could be and there was 8 kids in the house so we had to have lots of gardens. After being away from there for nearly 40 years and after a 30 year Navy career, I now reside in coastal...
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    Garden 2022

    Those watermelon are Ga rattlesnake. I planted 3-3 vine hills . Harvested about 18-20 melons averaging 30 lbs. Biggest was 37 lbs and the ones we ate were delicious. We also harvested a couple hundred cucumbers. We couldn’t give them all away.
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    Garden 2022

    Here’s a few pics of my raised beds. I amend with mushroom compost. I’ll never go back to un-raised beds. I planted 15 pounds of potatoes canned over 100 quarts at harvest. 130qts of beans. Lots of tomato’s and sweet potatoes. Best peppers I’ve ever grown. 5th year on asparagus. Planted 20...
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    November 11th Veterans Day Roll Call

    There’s some big ones here for sure. Great place to hunt.
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    November 11th Veterans Day Roll Call

    I meant to say call Va home but heart remains in the hills of Ky.
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    November 11th Veterans Day Roll Call

    30 year USN Deep Sea Diver. Retired in 2012. Originally from Fleming County. Now call Ky home. In a tree at Fort AP Hill. Good luck to all on this beautiful day.
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    Land thieves scam

    I have 23 acres in Bath County that I get one of those letters wanting to buy about every other month from them and others. One was out of Lexington. Just got one a few days ago from the same one as BB. they started at approx $11k a couple years ago. Last one was around $22k. I laugh each...
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    America wins in Virginia.

    Yes, VA Gov, Lt.Gov, AG, and House of Delegates all went R.
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    20 years

    I was submerged somewhere in the eastern Mediterranean Sea aboard USS Philadelphia SSN690 on 9/11. We were unaware what had occurred til 10-12 hours post attack. Did not see any footage of what occurred til 5 days later.
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    aircraft-carrier destroyed

    Ok fellas, the USS BHR was a big deck amphib. An LHD. It is similar in looks to a carrier CVN but does not have the ability to catapult launch or conduct arrested recovery. It’s about 300’ shorter in length. Is capable of all vertical take off aircraft including fixed wing VTO. instead of the...
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    It’s amazing the strength of a weld. Basically lift a car with a 1”x 1/4” filet weld. Fortunately the majority of my production welding has been while in the Navy so not the old rotten steel like some of you have dealt with but I have had some challenges. I was one of a small contingent on...
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    On a serious note, get one of the multi process Vulcans from HF. Unless you plan to do production welding it will more than suffice and is very user friendly. I’ve been welding for over40 years and if I were to replace my Miller TIG unit and my Lincoln MIG, I’d get a Vulcan multi process as a...
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    Become a welder and you become a Heyman. Hey man, can you weld this up for me? It’ll only take a minute.

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