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    Good Luck y’all

    Good Luck to everyone hitting the woods this morning! This is the first opening morning I have missed (unless I had to work) that I can recall. Going with my daughters Junior High softball team to watch UK vs TN. Traveling from Pike County to Lexington. I’ll be chasing those Toms in the...
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    Season 2022-23

    Where I hunt is on the KY / Virginia border. Seems like the coon population has dropped alot in the last 4-5 years. Can’t hardly find a track in a mud hole anymore in the areas we hunt. If man trees 3-4 singles a week in this mountain he is doing something ! Seems like Bear have about taken...
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    Season 2022-23

    Had a good hunt last night. Ended up treeing a double. Over 300 yards all uphill according to the Garmin (felt like a mile).
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    Roll Call 12/16

    Happy Birthday! And Good Luck! I’m in a stand between a ridge line and gaswell road in Pike County. Only chance I will get to hunt the doe days is this morning. Windy as can be here.
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    What’s that there sauce

    War-Chester-Shire or Wash-Ya-Sister 😂
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    Venison jerky

    In 2019 I started using the recipe for a marinade that came from a KYAfield show. The only thing I do to it is a dash of dales seasoning and a dash of A1. I’ll post a picture of the recipe from the show. It’s a huge hit here. I have used it on beef and venison.
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    Thank you Mr Trespasser

    onX is not an accurate form of mapping. The maps for my area is very similar to our counties PVA office mapping. And a lot of the property owners are incorrect. However, where I live in the mountains of SouthEast KY it is way way off on acreage due to not taking account for the topo maps...
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    11-22 Roll Call

    Up and at it in Pike County this morning. Waiting on coffee to brew to fill my small Stanley with. Walked out to start my Teryx and feed the hounds. Big frost again this morning. This will make my 5th sit of Gun Season. Current temp is 25degrees.
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    November 12 opening gun roll call

    On a ridge line in a ladder stand in Pike County. No wind at all. Weather app says 54 degrees. And very FOGGY
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    Gutting Deer

    Depending on where it falls dead and the drag. All of my stands are uphill on ridges and knobs. My main goal has always been to avoid uphill drags. 90% of the time we will drag down to the next flat or road that we can get a Side x Side on. I usually gut them where we will load the deer...
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    Season 2022-23

    Treed in den on a big beech Thursday night. Last 5 hunts treed 2 singles and 1 den. 2 nights never hit a track. Wish we had thicker coon like other parts of KY. I still don’t think ours have repopulated very well since the distemper hit several years ago.
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    Season 2022-23

    No I I have always been partial to the Blueticks. For 16 years I have hunted them
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    Season 2022-23

    Rained on and off last night. Young dogs managed to stumble up on another one and tree it.
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    Season 2022-23

    “Dry Deep” as my uncle used to say here still. Took the young dogs out this evening. Watched them on the Garmin act like they was grub shucking a track silent. Then all of a sudden the male fell treed. Thought it was a big den at first but, seen the coon way out on a limb. Good quick hunt!
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    15 Oct roll call

    I didn’t seen any this morning (Pike) my buddy hunting my other stand out the ridge from me had 3 Doe come in and feed. (For some reason when downsized the image to post its now sideways on the upload)
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    15 Oct roll call

    Checking in from Pike County (Elkhorn Creek). Sitting just below ridge line on a flat where old log roads meet. What little wind is hitting me is in the face. Beautiful morning.
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    Morning hunts

    I usually start hunting the mornings some toward the end of October. I have always had more luck of the evening. Since 2005 I have hunted the same ridge. 90% of my Bucks have been taken of the evening.
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    Videos (Cast Iron & Electric Smoker)

    Here is a link to my TikTok account if anyone on here uses the app or webpage I have a lot of short videos cooking with cast iron and electric smoker.
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    Season 2022-23

    Couple more
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    Season 2022-23

    Here’s some pictures from hunts over the years.