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  1. Head of Many Horns

    Pheasent Quota Hunt

    Will be in Yellowbank on Friday. Hope things go well.
  2. Head of Many Horns

    What have I got myself into?

    Looking forward to the end results myself. Good luck my friend.
  3. Head of Many Horns

    New Camera Update (Ltl Acorn 5210MM)

    Nothing cuter than a baby red. Nice photos as always.
  4. Head of Many Horns

    Northeast Goose Zone

    Talked with a local CO today and he advises that ducks can be hunted after 2pm. Said that the waterfowl guide was misleading.
  5. Head of Many Horns

    Northeast Goose Zone

    Waterfowl guide states that NE Goose Zone shooting hours are from 1/2 hour before sunrise to 2PM. Wonder if those shooting hours are for geese only or for ducks in the area as well? Called KDFW and they didn't know and told me to call the local CO that I can't get a call through to. Does anyone...
  6. Head of Many Horns

    Potential hit list. Do you think any of these bucks are over 3 1/2?

    Looks like there are a few to fling an arrow at. Good luck in the coming days. I will be headed to LC this weekend to try my luck as well. BTW the grouse trip was awesome.
  7. Head of Many Horns

    Trip North

    Can't explain how hard it is to work thinking about my trip that starts with GSPonGrouse Saturday morning. The anticipation is almost too much to bare.
  8. Head of Many Horns

    Woodrow question???

    New to the woody thing. Been reading a lot and talking with those that I know that have hunted them in the past. Seem to get some mixed signals on a question or two and was just wanting some knowledgable opinions. I have secured a river slough to hunt. Went scouting and in the middle of the...
  9. Head of Many Horns

    tree stand safety harness tether?

    Actually the tether that came with my safety harness is nothing more that climbing paracord and D-ring biner, that is threaded where it locks. It works great and would hold my tail up in a tree for hours if I let it. Good luck.
  10. Head of Many Horns

    Trying to get breaks in the action whenever i can. Loving this cooler weather too. Going to...

    Trying to get breaks in the action whenever i can. Loving this cooler weather too. Going to work some bird dogs tomorrow and shoot some clays. Hopefully the rain stays away from where I will be. You been hunting any?
  11. Head of Many Horns

    Best medium priced duck hunting shotgun

    x2 on the M2000, great gun for the money.
  12. Head of Many Horns

    Mr. B. Hicks

    Good luck my friend.
  13. Head of Many Horns

    Today was my last camera check before Saturday

    Will be pullin' for you hard Saturday morning.
  14. Head of Many Horns

    So far, so good.... just a couple weeks left..

    The anticipation is killing me...
  15. Head of Many Horns

    Moultrie M80 5 megapixel vs Bushnell 8 megapixel

    The corn cob bridge is how he now gets across the creek to the feeding site. Glad those things float....
  16. Head of Many Horns

    Do you hunt with a Shotgun or a Rifle during the KY Firearm Season?

    I once tried to get off my high horse... 'bout broke my leg. All joking aside, the "heathern" comment was only funny to me i suppose as I classify myself as being one and a daily basis. I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to hunt private land, and if I didn't have the opportunity...
  17. Head of Many Horns

    Do you hunt with a Shotgun or a Rifle during the KY Firearm Season?

    Yes, taking a knife to a gun fight, I pack my Mathews DXT. Bow season doesn't stop when you boys pick up the guns. Just glad I don't hunt public land with you heatherns.
  18. Head of Many Horns

    Whats the best way.....

    My wife's grandmother would hang pantyhose with bars of peppermint or eucalyptus soap in them. I also hear that tea tree oil soap would work as well. 'Baccer sticks with these hung around the perimeter of the garden seemed to work for her. Good luck.
  19. Head of Many Horns

    Rage 3 blade.

    I prefer the 2 blade Rage compared to the 3 blade. The 3 blade to me seems to have more oportunity to have the blades "catch/lock" on one another during deployment. This issue does not seem like it could happen on the 2 blade since the blades never cross the paths of one of the other blades...
  20. Head of Many Horns

    Craigslist and other random thoughts

    Once inquired about a rangefinder that looked eerily familiar to the one I left on a golf cart at a local golf course not 30 days earlier. I couldn't "prove" that the rangefinder was mine since the filed off serial number did not match the paperwork that I had with the original boxing. After...

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