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  1. Cornpile

    How about an NCAA tournament post?

    Im with you. Old rocky top boys need to stomp a hole in Duke. Im not a Tenn fan,but I just dont like Puke at all....
  2. Cornpile

    End of quota hunts?

    Here is my thoughts,,, WMAs open first 5 days of gun season Black powder/Shotguns only Need to purchase an additional 5 dollar permit for residents or 10 dollars OOS hunters with your statewide deer tags/hunting lic Either sex,one deer only. Deer taken applys towards your state tag No baiting...
  3. Cornpile

    Ruger Hawkeye 7mm/08

    I like the old Rugers,but if your going to spend 850 on a rifle,,,,I would check out the Bergara Ridge.A dam nice rifle.
  4. Cornpile

    Na Na Na, Na Na Na...Heeeey, goodbye

    I think her TeePee has finally crashed......
  5. Cornpile

    Few more euros done!

    I like Euro mounts,clean looking job on those....
  6. Cornpile

    Crazy price$$$

    Well if I figured this right,I could hire a guy to mow my yard every year for 60 yrs. I would pay him 50 bucks for 20 mowings each year,1000 bucks. Oh yeah ,I did not count the at least six battery replacements at 17000 bucks every ten yrs.... whoever bought that mower is a freakin idiot....
  7. Cornpile

    In the market for new binoculars

    I also have a pair of the Vortex Diamondback HD 10X50 binos. I watched a coyote blink his eyes at 200 yds down a ridge at almost dark one evening during rifle season....plenty good for me
  8. Cornpile

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    All original members gone ......
  9. Cornpile

    Crazy weather?

    Im bout tired of these high winds every week.I just repaired the roof on my shed from the last one. Guy on the corner up above me had his entire roof replaced yesterday.He is hoping it doesnt get blown back off today. Mexicans rolled in at 830 yesterday morning tore his roof off to the...
  10. Cornpile

    Old Music Playlist.

  11. Cornpile

    Old Music Playlist.

  12. Cornpile

    Old Music Playlist.

  13. Cornpile

    Average age of members here

    I can still do most anything but at a slower pace. I have back trouble if I pick up something wrong or turn the wrong way. Its from working in or cutting tobacco for too many years. My wife also has back aches,until we bought a inversion table. The one you get on and hang upside down. It...
  14. Cornpile

    Average age of members here

    67 and still hammerin.......
  15. Cornpile

    Revolver and Pistol for sale

    What a snag,,,nice blackhawk
  16. Cornpile

    Got my New Mexico antelope back from the taxidermist.

    Beautiful speedgoat JD,,,,looks great on the wall
  17. Cornpile

    Record 6 point

    There is a six point on Old Frankfort pike every bit that big.....
  18. Cornpile

    First one in three years

    Rare spotted panther.....

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