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  1. littlebear

    Trail Camera Cellular

    ^^^ tactacam. Was a covert cell user. Switched a few years back to tactacam. Very pleased. Have about a dozen of the tactacam and a few are in places I couldn’t use a covert.
  2. littlebear

    UK basketball

    I don’t see UConn losing that game.
  3. littlebear

    UK basketball

    UK played like poo against Vandy and the cats only lost by a couple. I think cats come to play and handle Vandy tonight.
  4. littlebear

    I have Visiting Elk today

    Nice pics.
  5. littlebear

    Old Giant Kentucky Buck

  6. littlebear

    In the market for new binoculars

    Agree. If I’m hiking around out west or up in Canada I don’t want to pack 50s. A nice pair of 42s work for me.
  7. littlebear

    Crazy price$$$

    That’s crazy too.
  8. littlebear

    Crazy price$$$

    Not a joke. My good friend works for John Deere and I asked about that mower tonight. Price is for real. I was still like holy $hit!
  9. littlebear

    Crazy price$$$

    I told my wife about the same as that as an option
  10. littlebear

    Crazy price$$$

    All electric zero turn. Check out the yellow tag. Marked down from $52k to $47k. I was at a local John Deere store and saw this. I about died when I saw the price. I was told also the batteries last about 10yrs and are 17k to replace. I was asked today if I had seen it and was told someone just...
  11. littlebear

    UK basketball

    As of today I don’t think they deserve a spot in the tourney but you know how they like the big name teams in it. Unc brings big $$ and ratings to the tourney. Yes I agree if they win several in the acc tourney they will get one but actually the acc is down this year compared to the last few.I...
  12. littlebear

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Dang that wind! Spent all day dealing with what it did. Back at it again tomorrow.
  13. littlebear

    UK basketball

    Duke or Unc might be a game the cats get.
  14. littlebear

    Ja Morant

    Turned into Nothing but a punk since he got his wallet full in the pros.
  15. littlebear

    UK basketball

    I think it depends on which UK team shows up. I’m afraid it will be the team that showed up against Vandy.
  16. littlebear

    Strip Mine??

    Deadbuck didn’t say eky. Some assumed that. In deadbucks 2nd post he said western Ky Ohio county. Lots of strip mines in southern part of that county and in counties south.
  17. littlebear

    Strip Mine??

    Sounds like a good place if it’s some of the old Peabody ground.
  18. littlebear


    One of the most dumbest ideas I know of. It will not change a thing. I just wish they would let it rest and get past all this garbage that happened over 100 yrs ago but they won’t. Even if you gave them all something there would still be complaints about wanting more.
  19. littlebear

    Average age of members here

    51 turn 52 next month.
  20. littlebear

    Bob Dixon turkey vest on Ebay

    Right there with you on that being crazy. Worth about $20-$30 in my opinion. It’s just a worn out vest.

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