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  1. Drahts

    Watched an oldie tonight

    I have to sit thru that and 100 others every year. She loves old movies.
  2. Drahts

    Mexico Bison - part 1

  3. Drahts

    Dads alpha gal update

    Mudhole that would be awesome, sure hope he beats it! I'd love to see a pic on this forum of him cracking into a big ole Ribeye!
  4. Drahts

    Pa grouse study

    PA wastes more Game Commission $$ on the stupidest shit.
  5. Drahts


    That's a shame for the pups and possibly for you. Hope ya get her, hope it wasn't Parvo.
  6. Drahts

    Broke the ice

    Is that thing as big as I think it is? Screw that!
  7. Drahts

    Lurion electric bass boat

    Let me know how it rides! For $185k it should ride like glass!
  8. Drahts

    250K Dodge Ram anyone?

    You'll see some NIL kid driving one this fall! Sent it to a buddy told him I found his grocery getter!
  9. Drahts

    Lance Reddick died today

    I'm not saying it, I'm not saying it! RIP Bosch
  10. Drahts

    A few birds

    You won't see any flocks like that here in this section EKY. I wish. But 8-15 birds is tops in a flock here. I'd love to see that here though!
  11. Drahts

    Freeze warning next two nights

    We had 21 this morning. suns out, seems like forever since we saw it.
  12. Drahts

    Why I no longer pack a 12ga.

    I bought a 301 410 couple years ago, had a Burris FF3 I put on it. Graveyarded a longboard at 45 with it no problem. Most of my shots are 18yds. That particular bird was a double with a buddy and his bird was bout to leave and I had a clear shot so we let em fly. Fun little gun, no kick at...
  13. Drahts

    Leupold scope info

    I have one of the Meopta Conquests. It's a shooter! And clear as a bell! Gathers tons of light too!
  14. Drahts

    Stone Branch

    Looking good SB!
  15. Drahts

    ocellated turkey hunt

    Congrats, beautiful birds!
  16. Drahts

    Home Security Camera

    We have a ring doorbell, and a ring security light/cam. Both are very good, doorbell is battery, it needs a charge bout every 3 mod. The security light/cam is hard wired, video is clear and zoomable and audio is very good too.
  17. Drahts

    I'm impressed with that pattern

    That'll kill!
  18. Drahts

    NWTF plates

    Had the NWTF plate on my Ford back in 16, they had the deer and elk with them then.
  19. Drahts

    Something positive

    What a great miracle! God is so Good! Congrats Lonnie!
  20. Drahts

    Crazy price$$$

    Go look at the new iKon boat Jacob Wheeler helped design. Wiedas has the first one to be sold to public. I heard, don't have full fact but it's gonna be over $140k.

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