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  1. RutNBuck

    hey mel whats been going on? hopefully we should start seeing the big boys soon!!!!

    hey mel whats been going on? hopefully we should start seeing the big boys soon!!!!
  2. RutNBuck

    Howdy Fellows!!!! Rember me?

    Been along time had some set backs and computer issues... i hope to be part of the forum soon lots of wonderful friends that i missed and and enjoyed cant wait to be part of the group again.....See Ya Back soon RNB!!!
  3. RutNBuck

    Been Awhile!!!

    had some kinda virus or such that took its toll on my puter it was fried and still not back to 100% but getting there as fast as i can cant wait to see/hear all the stories.. miss all the good times hope to be back in the saddle again soon...cant wait to hear all the stories ...... im on a...
  4. RutNBuck

    Howdy been awhile lots been goin on <

    kid plays on a traveling softball league , (4 nights a week) been havin computer issues , lookin forward to catchin up on all the things going on hopefully as season approaches i should have more time to share RNB
  5. RutNBuck

    About the New Forum Look

    awesome new changes
  6. RutNBuck

    Internet warning

    so would fellas perfer a pic of Rosie O'Donell ???
  7. RutNBuck

    Can someone help me out here

    Keith that literally cracked me up oh the images that came to mind kinda spooked me HAHA there was one i had on the other pc that all was well then this blasted spooky creep screams and jumps out at the screen
  8. RutNBuck

    Am I the oldest guy here?????

    45 as of yesterday
  9. RutNBuck

    Can someone help me out here

    this will be pay backs
  10. RutNBuck

    Can someone help me out here

    Im lookin for one or more of those spooky websites that if you watch the screen A BOOGEYMAN pops out and skeers the pee out of you wanna get back at the MRS thnx
  11. RutNBuck

    ok which 1 should i get

    i personally have a Stihl that requires no tools to tighten the chain very handy it has that thumb wheel to tighten it
  12. RutNBuck

    How Many Decoys ???

    How Many Decoys do you usually Use? i have tried several set up options and have found none are fool proof but the bubba jake/ struttin gobbler is a great tool have had them nearly run over me
  13. RutNBuck

    Best excuses!!

    Big Fish since he ate your fake decoy to get back at the horse i would place fake ears of corn (like they use for halloween) in the area HAHA
  14. RutNBuck

    CO bedtime storys

    another story that im sure hasnt happened to many on here me and a buddy was turkey hunting one spring morning was a pretty rough day birds werent responding to any callin or locators as i was walkin down the field i see Mr Green Jeans (CO) pop out of no where had a small chit chat and...
  15. RutNBuck

    Best excuses!!

    wait have we all forgotten the "BIG Rumor" that the dept was droppn rattle snakes to eat the eggs or such?
  16. RutNBuck

    Why so many TeleChecks in only 10 counties?

    one factor is that owen co is one of the largest counties in the state and since their harvest rates are high many hunters flock to owen co to hunt perry park and such places are simply loaded with deer
  17. RutNBuck

    OMG,what happened?

    im just guessin that buzzards may have been part of the reasons
  18. RutNBuck

    CO Confirms OK To Use Live Chickens to Shoot/Trap Over!

    im shocked that it doesnt apply to animal gruelity dead chickens i could understand
  19. RutNBuck

    Best excuses!!

    1- Umm how about a perfect morning, birds gobbling hard a bird gobbles just over the rise knowing the bird was gonna show at any moment only to hear sheer silence when all of a sudden 2 camo clad trespassers appear at 150 yards at the other end of the field low crawling trying to find the...
  20. RutNBuck

    Popped Me Yote This Am

    as i have mentioned before i have had yotes come on my front porch and actually take off with my dogs food bowl seen it with my own eyes... (not sure if it was coincedence or not but after i nailed the yote i saw 7-9 deer on the other side of my house he may have been trailing them i...

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