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  1. pentail

    Why I no longer pack a 12ga.

    My last few birds have been with a single shot .410. With TSS loads, its good out beyond where I like to shoot em and it weighs about 3 or 4 pounds. I'd be comfortable shooting out to 40 with it, although my shots are usually under 20.
  2. pentail

    Seek One KY deer

    Potroast and I were cooking (and doing a little hunting) a few weeks ago down at a Realtree duck camp in Louisiana. The Seek 1 and some of the Duck Commander guys were there. Lee from Seek 1 and Si Robertson were sitting at the kitchen table one morning talking about urban deer hunting. Lee was...
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    You’ll have to resize.
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    Y'all try it now. I just used Insert image icon to load that one
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    I'll pass it along
  7. pentail

    Young parents

    We home schooled all three of ours. It has allowed us to hunt and travel extensively while they were young. Well, admittedly, the wife handled the bulk of it, but I weighed in when it came to English and History. We started with an accredited program out of Florida. When the kids were young...
  8. pentail

    Got to laugh at this.

  9. pentail

    KY Archery elk report

    I might kick myself later, but I passed on this one at 5 yards yesterday evening.
  10. pentail

    Elk zone 2

    Anyone having any luck? I’m down around Middlesboro. Been slow so far. Half the area we had access to two years ago when Potroast drew a tag was leased and posted a week ago. Left us scrambling since that is where we’d planned on hunting.
  11. pentail

    Dove opener

    It was one heck of a shoot! Both days!
  12. pentail

    New Mexico Antelope Hunt

    Sorry to hear that, JD. That Grandson will keep you out there, though.
  13. pentail

    New Mexico Antelope Hunt

    Congrats and well done, JD. Good to see you on here. You were about 2 hours north of where we usually mule deer hunt down around Artesia/Roswell area. I hope you took the time to eat some of the local food, homemade tortillas, etc. Great area. Seeing your pics makes me want to go back
  14. pentail

    SOBing elk

    Crap. If it was zone 2, I was going to offer at least 1 elks worth of solution :)
  15. pentail

    Chanterelles ?

    How ya been, B.M.?
  16. pentail

    Camp Calvary 3D Archery Shoot.

    Always a great shoot.
  17. pentail

    Asian carp (copi)

    It does freeze well. I have several in the freezer right now and the fish in the pic I posted had been frozen for several weeks
  18. pentail

    Asian carp (copi)

    Here's the deal. If these fish had been named anything else besides carp, they would be on every restaurant menu and in every supermarket meat case. Unlike their bottom feeding cousins, they spend their entire life high in the water column, away from the muck and mud that give common carp the...
  19. pentail

    Scam Warning

    We don’t keep a list because spam accounts are deleted immediately
  20. pentail

    Scam Warning

    Folks, here's the deal. We can't personally vouch for every member on the forum. While we individually approve each new member, sometimes a bad one gets through. There are members here who signed up years ago and have never made a post that just start posting out of the blue. We have had a...

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