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  1. xtremewhitetail

    Eastern Kentucky rut activity?

    No rut in letcher rubs no scrapes nothing
  2. xtremewhitetail

    Fort Knox

    Can any one tell me how to apply for a hunt there
  3. xtremewhitetail

    Big Kitty Kat in Western Ky

    I think most guys are just full of sh/)! Till pics come or some ones puts one in the dirt it's just a myth in my book.
  4. xtremewhitetail

    Dropaway not falling fast enough

    It's a QDA and the now is a crx 32
  5. xtremewhitetail

    Dropaway not falling fast enough

    Arrow flight is awfull tryed everything!!
  6. xtremewhitetail

    4 days till bear season!

    They are in court over it i double checked ill see if i can find out more about it....
  7. xtremewhitetail

    4 days till bear season!

    said the told him he killed it over bait ... the other guy was charged with getting it out of the den
  8. xtremewhitetail

    4 days till bear season!

    well ill be out but the snow has started ... besides if you do kill one you will just be in court like the guys are that killed last year....i talked to the guy that killed and he said he is in court over his bear
  9. xtremewhitetail

    new trapper

    i would love to learn how to trap but cant find any one here in letcher co that will show me some things... any one that can help?
  10. xtremewhitetail

    where you been so long

    where you been so long
  11. xtremewhitetail


    found a shed last year the last week of gun season
  12. xtremewhitetail

    Bear Hunting 2010 Season

    you can bet there will be no bears killed here.. i was getten pics every day in oct. now nothing the bear is dened up ... good luck
  13. xtremewhitetail

    deer skulls for dashbord

    does any one know the web site that i can find the skulls for the dash bord for my truck ive seen these in peoples trucks
  14. xtremewhitetail

    is there a place to camp there..

    is there a place to camp there..
  15. xtremewhitetail

    grayson lake

    is there a place to camp? i think ill be there the frist week of nov
  16. xtremewhitetail

    grayson lake

    just wanted to know if it is bow hunted hard and can a person do any good there
  17. xtremewhitetail

    How do you rank

    mine sucked ...guess a lot of people's did only heard 2 shot's
  18. xtremewhitetail

    why would someone steal a memory card and not the camera?

    it happen to me last year too but they laid my cam on the ground and turned it now i got lock boxes on it.. i can get you one made i think if you need it .. just let me know.........thats letcher co for you tho......
  19. xtremewhitetail

    what week is best to be in the woods for rut

    it hard to hit it just right in the mountains but the last week of oct is a good time
  20. xtremewhitetail

    Does this happen often you think??

    you know it happens alot so why worry about it..the way i see it is fishandwildlife made it this way so they dont seem to care ....if the truth was known 5 out of 10 deer does not get checked in i think the call in shoud be done away with . it need to be like tennessee to where you have to take...

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