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    I'm already adding mods to new truck

    i drilled & bolted mine to the truck bed. hard to get in and out, so i just leave it in all winter.
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    Window screen repair

    so does bella, good dog.
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    Pepe Le Pew

    purty little stinkers, a'nt they !
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    Cool sunset yesterday

    you sir , are a lucky man to have that view , sweet
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    First canvas

    dang, that looks good. who does this.
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    A few from the duck pond.

    good pics, love them mallards, & woodies too!
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    2013-14 Kentucky Grouse Season

    you da man z, good lookin dog & good shootin. trapshooter
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    Squab anyone!

    if you shootem & you got a dog close by, they taste like pen raised quail or woodcock.
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    2013-14 Kentucky Grouse Season

    good job zslinker & sialias67. my buddy & i met & hunted with you z & two of your buddies at clay pheasant hunt 2012 when you were out of dog power. we enjoyed your company. you gave me your phone# but work & other things got in the way of reall life. hope to meet you again and share a hunt...
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    Buck shot

    lead shot will be o k in any choke, steel shot, no
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    Anyone lose a setter in Woodford County?

    bird dog or setter pets, good dogs & good friends, go for it. one of my best was free.
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    Anybody ever been to Canada?

    birdshooter just looks guilty, i,ve seen him.
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    Interesting Articles.

    what riverboss said x 2!!!!
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    Pheasant hunting

    i like the 28 ga. win or rem supersport 7 1/2 shot 1300 fps keep your shots close, fun little shotgun. good luck. trapshooter
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    Dog Allergy?

    i bought Vetericyn Wound & Infection Treatment Tractor Supply. spray 16 oz , use it for everything. Yes grain free chicken 4 health. Cedar is good if you can keep it in the dog house & keep it dry. trapshooter
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    Dog Allergy?

    x 2 with GrouseAssain , my 11 year old lewellin setter scratched & liked her paws ,chest , back, any where she could reach. vets said she had flea bites, but it only one or two, then she starts diggin & a scratchin again, so more trips to vet & more money to ole vet! i try stuff, spend money...
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    Another on my gal took

    great shot
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    Quail Hunt

    great to hear all the good quail stories ,nice pics & good lookin dogs.
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    Quail at Peabody or other WMA's

    went to peabody 2x found quail both times, it was thick,but thats what it takes, hope to go back soon.
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    New River W.V.

    took a canoe trip on the new back in the early 80,s, put in at prince and took out at thurmond,too many beers and too much rain the nite befor, wild cold water, like to froze to death it was mid march. when i got home i sold boat. beautiful country.