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    Decoy Bag

    I appreciate the feedback. I ordered one from Walmart.
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    Decoy Bag

    Anybody know where I can buy another decoy bag like the one that came with my pretty boy tom? It's the netting style bag
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    Snare question

    Final trapping numbers for this year : 39 coons, 25 possums, 3 skunks, and just 3 coyotes. How careful do you have to be about scent when setting snares? I'm setting an interior fence on our property with obvious travel holes. Did very well the last 2 years, but not so good this year. I did not...
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    Bull Elk Poached

    I have no interest in firing shots, just saying what I know. I doubt very many of these guide services respect the elk the way they should, and listening to my buddy's experience with LMO just strengthens my opinion. But there isn't much anyone can do about it, so let em run the elk resource...
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    Bull Elk Poached

    You don't think LMO are there to make a quick buck? My buddy will prove otherwise
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    Next season, how to deal with neighbor's dogs

    Had the same thing happen 5 years ago - talked to the people and they said they'd take care of it. Of course they didn't, so I called the dog pound - the guy came out the next day, caught all 3 dogs, and haven't seen them on our place since. I have, however, seen 2 of them on chains in the...
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    What to use for coons

    All very good suggestions. I originally used dry cat food mixed with fish oil, then topped off with wet canned cat food. Both very cheap at the dollar store. What I quickly learned is that mice are able to get the cat food out without tripping the trap. So, I started putting a marshmallow...
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    Bucks starting to shed

    Found 7 sheds today. Normally don't look this early, but was checking coon traps and found 3 very nice ones so I decided to look in a few of our usual sheddy spots and found 4 more. None had blood on them. Good start
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    Seek One KY deer

    I am not against hunting in the city limits, of course, but my question is - is it legal? I called 3 different city buildings Edgewood, Erlanger, and Crestview Hills) and all told me it was illegal. Now I will say that I talked with more than 1 person in one city and received 2 different...
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    Any guess on score???

    I think most folks' guesses would've been different if we would have seen the second set of pics. The first set doesn't show 211 inches. Now the second set...different story. What area did he die in?
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    Seek One KY deer

    Shot behind Thomas More
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    Burn Out

    I like your style
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    Burn Out

    I get it, and that's why I've been shooting a limit of squirrels every time I go. I will get to the farm around 2, walk around and shoot 6 squirrels, clean them, then go deer hunting. For whatever reason I find it very satisfying.
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    Squirrel parasites?

    They weren't large at all. Whoever said rice describes it best. They just fell off when I brushed them with my finger, except for the ones inside the meat. I only found them in 1 squirrel, and yes, I pitched it. Maybe it will kill a coon or coyote that eats it!
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    Squirrel parasites?

    So I've been shooting squirrels midday on my off days before I get into my treestand. This time of year it only takes about 30 minutes to get a limit. When I was cleaning them yesterday, one was loaded with what looked like maggots, all over it's heart, lungs, intestines...basically everywhere...
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    City Deer

    Had one of those tv guys recently stop at my city spot and ask to put up a camera under the guise of collecting data on urban deer for traffic purposes, so the landowner said sure. When he told me the guy's name, I looked him up and he is a big hunter. His camera is no longer turned on and...
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    Ft Knox Harvest

    I was looking at the 3 counties that make up Ft Knox and saw a guy has taken 3 deer from Knox on 3 different days with his bow in Hardin county. Did Knox change it's limits?
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    A Word Of Warning Regarding Deer Processors!

    No judgment here, but 263 pounds? Field dressed?
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    Another good Ky deer

    The article says B&C minimum is 170. I always thought it was 160.
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    I live 2.5 hours from Knox. Have hunted it since 1992, but not hardcore. A friend of mine used...

    I live 2.5 hours from Knox. Have hunted it since 1992, but not hardcore. A friend of mine used to be the provost marshal there. We are thinking about hunting deer again this year, after a 6 year hiatus. When the time comes, could you recommend a couple areas we might at least see deer? I have...

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