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  1. P. Beyer

    Prayers needed and quick for P. Beyer Longtime Member.

    I want to thank each of you for the prayers and concern. It has been and will continue To be a long journey. I spent 60 days total in the hospital, 10 of those in a coma. Two major operations. I am now at home, yet have more to go as I heal. I am currently left with no left hip at all and am...
  2. P. Beyer


    Why do 2-3# largemouth bass taste so good?
  3. P. Beyer


    Hey Screech, will you teach me to Turkey?
  4. P. Beyer

    Why bow season?

    Why must we have such a season? Bows are outdated. Seems kdfwr would rather it be all crossbows which are more proficient. Every sempt we hear stories about "oh I stuck so and so buck".... To never be found.
  5. P. Beyer

    got it done before work

    Ya got a nice boss. That's a dandy deer. Congrats
  6. P. Beyer

    Turn him in or not

    ⬆what he said...
  7. P. Beyer

    Whatever happen to??

    I'm still here
  8. P. Beyer

    Video of yesterday's kill with the Covert Rush Cam

    Nice footage.. the calling worked, so why say it was WAY too much??
  9. P. Beyer

    Low carb recepies?

    The Adkins worked well for me a few years ago. I was at 200. Stopped, and well... it packed back on with fury. I'm thinking of trying again, bit more a change all together, vs a 'dieting' outlook.
  10. P. Beyer

    Paducah Area...

    I enjoy Paducah. Not too big, but big enough. I think there is plenty to do, though I'm not looking for a yuppie cocktail bar. Tons of outdoor activities. A 10-20 minute drive puts you ' in the country'... I'll never move again.
  11. P. Beyer

    Deer and ATV's

    This. All about what is ' normal
  12. P. Beyer

    Rub Recipe?

    That one sounds good.
  13. P. Beyer

    What happened?

    Here's some ribs I did in the MB.
  14. P. Beyer

    What happened?

    My last Brisket. Turned out perfect
  15. P. Beyer

    Obamacare! Who is paying the fine?

    There is so much wrong with this. The internet isn't big enough to start.
  16. P. Beyer

    Outlaw hunting club ?? in Pennyrile forest ??

    Gun hunter.. Typical.
  17. P. Beyer

    Obamacare! Who is paying the fine?

    I guess they can stand in line for the fine from me. Lol
  18. P. Beyer

    Best of the year...

    Best I have
  19. P. Beyer

    The big deer killed in KY this season.

    In a nutshell. Well done.