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  1. chris149

    What’s the oldest thing you own?

    Got several 350+ BC coins, pendants, rings and 1000 BC dagger knife few other odd stuff.
  2. chris149

    Intestine swelling?

    It laid there about 30 -45 minutes and it was a double lung shot. Dropped in its track.
  3. chris149

    Fall and Winter mushrooms in Ky?

    Got one tree that has produced oysters for the last 3 years. Last year i bet i got 20 plus pounds. Not a one yet this year.
  4. chris149

    Intestine swelling?

    I have shot many of deer but it just looks a lot different. Absolutely no wrinkles in the large or small intestine. The tongue is almost a pail white color.
  5. chris149

    Intestine swelling?

    What would couse intestine swelling and a pail color tongue?
  6. chris149

    Cool find

    Had one for a pet long time ago. Cool little critters for sure.
  7. chris149

    Gorilla lives matter!

    I agree with ya besides #3 Not all kids know danger on everything. I have a 3 year old autism child and she has absolutely no fear of heights and probably would do the same. Who knows that child might have something like that cant blame the child. But the Zoo done what was right by putting it...
  8. chris149


    I left some in a tote before and had on heck of a mess with the roots. I would transplant them into bigger pots so you don't hurt the roots later on. Just my opinion.
  9. chris149

    Hoar Frost

    Very nice cp
  10. chris149

    Muskie fishing

    You shouldn't have a problem with your boat as they have a boat ramp there. As far as Muskie fishing I don't know never been on the river before.
  11. chris149

    Photo hosting sites

    Photobucket is good and work's with this site great to post photos.
  12. chris149

    Anyone know about nikon cameras?

    I have the D5100 it does great I think for the price. But like most things you get what you pay for.
  13. chris149

    KY Helim/ may have this one canvased

    Here is the before Picture After some photo shop ~[URL=][/URL
  14. chris149

    may have this one canvased

    Cool, I'll work on it this week if I have some time and post it up for you.
  15. chris149

    may have this one canvased

    A little photo shop and cropping would make it real nice. Would you care if I do some work to it? Great trail cam pic by the way.
  16. chris149

    My 8pt at 5:20pm

    Congrats CP
  17. chris149

    Seen some sandhill crane

    Hunting Saturday and seen about 15 cranes fly by. May be I will get a few more of them this year to fly by this year. Any one else been seeing some?
  18. chris149

    Scope and Shot?

    Thanks, Going back out to look for it in a little bit. I might have pulled up on the shoot but I don't know I normally don't rush the shoot but I did this time. Not seeing any blood just don't look good. Thanks,
  19. chris149

    Scope and Shot?

    Took a shot at a buck this morning and not sure of the shot. I think I just shaved a little fur off of him on his back, I did find some fur with very little meat and I didn't see any blood but did find a fat tick. lol Any how I am shooting down hill at about a 40-45 degree slope. My main...