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    Sandyhook shooting

    They speak of it on the news channels but I wonder how many of you believe it is real ? I can prove it's 100% FAKE with one link .. liberal propaganda and nothing more ..
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    what is Trump really up to?

    Cruz said on fox news his father was a Cuban whom is now American and cruz also said they were Jew . I cant help u no more then that.
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    what is Trump really up to?

    trump was a very big liberal and he has gave hundreds of thousands to the cause including clinton .. It blows my mind why a anti gun news station is now pro gun and such a big fan of his , Of course I know it has to do with ratings but I can't help but think there is some thing more going on...
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    snake skin

    I'm not telling my wife that . It wasn't there 2 months ago when I redone the tags ..
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    snake skin

    The wife and I are riding down the road and she gets into the glove box and finds of all things a small snake skin shed She is starting too freak out and I told her that they shed in the spring and the snake was gone .. My car is only 9 years no rust holes .. It was funny to watch as she got up...
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    Artesian well fed pond fishing.

    baby copper head
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    Keep One Drop One

    Turtle soup
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    Barking dogs ???

    As for the coon hounds . How often do they feed there dogs ? a lot of time they just want some food and or water and it will shut them right up .. If that isn't the case then go get a few bricks of fire crackers and when they start barking light off a pack of them . Its totally legal to do and...
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    DOVES! Now you see them now you don't

    7 of us and we ended up with 95 birds .
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    Doves at Taylorsville WMA

    Its a shame that KFW don't take care of the public fields the way they do there private lease fields that we pay for .. There private fields are all done up in sun flowers millet soybeans and some other grains but you and I will never get to hunt these places .
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    DOVES! Now you see them now you don't

    When I made this thread there wasn't many doves around it seemed as though the there was a first wave of doves that came in and when it got cold they moved south . Now the power lines are loaded again and today should be a good day for some nice wing shooting .. Nice and warm and no one has...
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    Let's keep guns out of the hands of crazy people.....Do what??

    In my eyes any one trying to change the constitution should be held and tried for treason
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    Head up to anyone hunting migratory birds in Kentucky

    bump this back to the top for now .. A lot of people don't know about this still plus I went to KDFW web sight and the tella check number they have up is not for dove ..Make a note of this number and use it for doves 1-800-858-1549
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    DOVES! Now you see them now you don't

    Thanks for the heads up DH13 Done mine as well Well I went out to a few places and did not see one dove .. Don't look good so far but there is light at the end of the tunnel looks like one farmer is getting ready to cut some silage real soon .. As far as the doves nesting late into august I...
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    DOVES! Now you see them now you don't

    With temps in the 50 - 60's at night 1/4 moon shining and a light north wind it's not good . They can cover some states like that . I have all ways said the season comes in 2 weeks to late ..
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    DOVES! Now you see them now you don't

    I haven't been out to look at the fields yet but my past memory tells me that all this cold weather sends straight by us and further south leaving us high and dry . Have you been out and check yet ? How does it look so far .
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    Best 4-Stroke Outboard 8-10 HP

    10hp or 15 hp the motor will weigh the same and if you get in to swift current you will be glad you got it .. mercury engines under 25hp are made by tohatsu so you can save 4 or 500 buy not buying the merc name there good motors.
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    What kind of tree

    black gum .. If there cutting gum your other trees has no nuts in them . Gum is the hardest wood I know of in USA
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    Any one seeing many squirrels today?

    Hay folks if you soak your Squirrels and rabbits in cold water for about 5 minutes before skinning I promise you there will be very very little hair on them when your done..
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    Crappie at Rough River

    rough river is raped hard for crappie .It is way over fished ..