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  1. RuggedRack

    2022-23 deer harvest photos

    My little cousin that's 9 had been getting up and sitting some of these tough freezing mornings in the teens recently and finally it paid off for him he is hooked for life now :)
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    Am I the only one…

    I second this, worst for me is the long sits in the api climber on those frigid days where you really can't move to much, then when it's time to get out the stand and climb down the sticks and the knees are locked up and won't hardly move lol
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    Letting them pass

    My boy and I are extremely lucky to hunt a family friends property in Caldwell County every year for the modern rifle opening weekend. The retired farmer, and good friend says to everyone "Shoot what ya like, & Like what you shoot" we passed on many antlers in hopes they grow into mature deer...
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    Roll call Sunday 11-27-22 Last Day Modern Gun

    Pr Storm finally made its way into campbell County gonna ride it out a little Longer still nothing moving my way.
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    Roll call Sunday 11-27-22 Last Day Modern Gun

    Pulled into the property I have permission to hunt and seen a really nice 8point and a doe together in the field I had to walk through to get to my stand 🤦‍♂️got out truck they didn't spoke but wondered off into the direction I had to hike. Took a longer way around property to get into the stand...
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    204" buck in GA confiscated

    Ok fair enough you have me on that "OR" regardless this young man should have had either a printed copy or the authorization on him and it sounds like from the article he had neither. Therefore he was in violation.
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    204" buck in GA confiscated

    The law and the Kentucky guide tells you that you must have a printed copy and picture I'd with you. It's not hard people just read your yearly laws and regs dont just assume, also if you are unsure they have a number you can call to ask question. If you buy a license via phone, and dont have a...
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    204" buck in GA confiscated

    You shouldn't be in the woods until you have a hard copy in your possession.
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    Wife's first deer

    Heck yeah that's a dang nice first deer ! Ehhhh buck fever just means it's in her blood to hunt ! Congrats :)
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    204" buck in GA confiscated

    I disagree with the initial statement you made, it's our responsibility to ensure we have the proper documents before we step foot in the woods no matter what the circumstance is. If walmart or any other agency makes the mistake it's our job to correct it before we head out , and ensure we have...
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    204" buck in GA confiscated

    I'm with the GW on this the law is the law and as responsible hunters we shouldn't be in the woods if there is a remote possibility in our mind theres an issue with our license period
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    gonna be hard to top this one

    Hole giant !! Lucky young man there, well he might as well sell all his gear and equipment and hang it up, lol I'm j/k
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    Wife killed the Caribou Buck

    Wow that's an awesome buck congrats to the wife ! Great mount to talk about for years to come.
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    up and comer for next year.

    Definitely appears to have some major upside could even pick up some extras
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    Buck Down

    It's been a great season for my son and I. I had the privilege of watching him harvest his first deer ever this season, which basically made my year! It was time for dad to get after it and start getting my hunts in. I had a couple all day sits with no luck. Then it was back to work ugh, I knew...
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    Best Ever

    Awesome story glad you found a spot to hunt that is all to much the problem these days dandy buck !
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    Third time is a charm!

    Talk about a wide bug guy congrats to you !
  18. RuggedRack

    Finally got the job done.

    Nice job on staying patient! Good looking euro
  19. RuggedRack

    I've passed many bucks...

    Dang nice buck grats !
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    Knock um down !