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    Got my New Mexico antelope back from the taxidermist.

    Looks great. Always wanted to go after one. May try a DIY someday if I can ever put the pieces together
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    Rumor or Truth?

    Million dollars is a fortune to some abs a rounding error to others. Look at what baseball cards or certain shoes etc sale for. To each his own. My best deer is just slightly smaller than the hanson buck and scores about 110. I’d probably let it go for just under a million. Maybe.
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    Killing Time

    I do my part ;)
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    Killing Time

    I got nothing but respect for those who sit all day. Give me til 930 and I’m up and walking around and pushing deer I’m sure lol
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    National forest question

    Q. Can a person own land that is in fact considered part of the Daniel boone national forest?
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    New Year hunt

    Good luck. I’m done for the year. Much respect for those out trying to get it done!!
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    Free youth weekend

    Hope all have some success.
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    Roll Call 12/24/2022

    If Santa don’t come I’ll know why
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    Oldie but goody

    Love that. Remember it from when I was young. Thanks for posting
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    Roll Call 12-17-22

    Yes and sucks.
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    What I give for an extra buck tag with a bow!

    Well be that as it may Morgan county has no deer. I’m living proof. I’m taking up snipe hunting as it would be more productive
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    11/25/22 - Christian Co. Buck

    Great deer.
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    What I give for an extra buck tag with a bow!

    Wher Where at? Address and gps please for location. I’m asking for a friend :)
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    Who's still holding a buck ticket?

    I’ve got this years and many years before buck tags as well too. I could feed an army with my buck tag soup. But fine by me. I want to harvest a giant 150 plus for me. I doubt I ever do but small bucks get a pass for me.
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    What I give for an extra buck tag with a bow!

    You can have mine as I apparently am never going to use one again
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    Crazy Season

    Hang in there. You can do it. Things will get better. You have more memories to make.
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    Am I the only one…

    The mind says I’m 21 and pee fire. The calendar and body strongly disagree
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    Letting them pass

    They quit growing once kilt. I’ve let several small bucks walk hoping they make it but hunt a couple hundred acre farm rather than couple 1000 acres. Don’t think I have near the land size to manage anything. Not sure what I do matters as far as passing deer but I know of I kill the trigger...
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    Finally had some luck

    Great deer. Sounds like you were covered up.
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    Finally got one down

    Great deer!