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    Owl and hawk mount

    Went into a taxidermy shop years ago while on a trip to Manitoba Canada. There was at least one bald eagle and several different hawks mounted in the studio. I mentioned it to the guy I was with as we were driving home. Neither of us were sure but figured Canada had different laws or the guy...
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    Sig 365 or H&k p30sk

    Bought my wife the Sig P365 and I/we love it. I have a Ruger LC9 and a S&W Shield and really like them both but the Sig shoots really well and is very concealable.
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    Got a cat

    Bobcats seem to start thriving where there are stable turkey populations. We always had a few here in SEKY but the number of cats shot straight up when our turkey numbers went up.
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    Ballard In the 80s

    I was fortunate to get to hunt Ballard Refuge in the late 80's and early 90s. There would be well over 100,000 Canada Geese. We saw very few ducks back then.
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    Snared another beaver

    One good thing about a tail catch is no burn mark on the leather. I caught a big beaver once by the back foot in a snare. Our cousin was in from Indiana and was checking our traps with us. He asked why I caught it by the back leg and I told him it was to cut down on the damage to the pelt...
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    Rough Ryder knifes

    I have a bunch of RR's. At their price point you can "try" patterns that you normally wouldn't think about. The problem I have is I won't carry an expensive knife. I don't mind stripping wire or cutting vines from the tiller tines with a RR. A local vendor's mall has them for $9 each and I...
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    Two dog tuesday

    Really glad to see the support for trapping. The trappers are currently under siege for the 2020 legislative session. There is a post on here that has the details. The intent of the bill is to ban body grip traps, which would cripple beaver trapping. However the language of the bill is vague...
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    Heads ups and Here we go!

    Very well written post. I am ashamed to admit that you have read my thoughts, to an extent. My Dad got a phone call Saturday that made us aware of the above mentioned bill. My wife was sick and my baby got sick later that night. I pretty much told my dad and brother that I was tired of...
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    7.62x39 bolt gun

    I have the Ruger American Ranch in 7.62x39. The one I have takes Ruger Mini 30 magazines. I have read some negative reviews of this rifle but I have had zero trouble with mine. It is very accurate with the Wolf and Tula steel case ammo. 1 inch groups are the norm at 100 yards. One...
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    I have a Tikka Model 695 that is a tack driver. I have used it successfully on white tails numerous times. I have had good luck with the Winchester 120 grain positive expanding points. I am about out of the Winchester’s and I am going to switch to Hornady 117 grain Interlock American...
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    Found last years buck, with a dilema?

    I don’t know the law super well but I did stay in a holiday inn once. I was friends with a Ky CO who had to investigate a somewhat similar situation, per Frankfort’s wishes. He did the legwork but there was a catch, the statute of limitations is one year as it is a misdemeanor. So I think a...
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    Bobcat size

    We have slowed down a lot but we trapped hard for a period of several years. We caught our 3 man limit of cats for several years and the heaviest we ever caught was 28 lbs. Next heaviest was 26.5 lbs. We tagged several more in the low 20’s. Our numbers show that our average cat was approx...
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    What kind of bird is this?

    Grouse used to very common here in the mountains of SE Kentucky. I guess a whole combination of factors brought there numbers WAY down. I get more excited over hearing about a grouse sighting than anything else. Bears and elk are much more common than grouse these days.
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    rumor of Edmonson county 8ptr??

    Maybe she is going to keep it until next year, probably gain another 20 inches. Maybe even plow their small vegetable garden with it. Strange times.
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    Thanks to all who helped

    And what a shot!!! I have hunted since 1982 and haven’t killed one at that distance! Great job!
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    First buck with my bow

    Congratulations, my first buck with a bow was much smaller than yours.
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    Trapper’s Buffet

    Buy your license and a quality cage trap. You can catch everything but the coyote in a cage. Read up online for the details.
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    Word on the Ruger American Predator?

    My brother and I bought a Ruger American Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor. Excellent trigger and accuracy, the stock is flimsy but as long as you are opened minded about the fact that it is a “budget” rifle I do not think you will be disappointed. To me it is a much better rifle than Savage’s...
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    Junior got another one

    Well I guess this could open up a discussion about privelage and wealth but I am just tickled to death that our POTUS's son is such an avid hunter and has hunted in KY. Means something to me anyway.
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    Junior got another one

    "The" Donald. Jr.?