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    Problem lies in the reporting. I work in data analytics and statistics. The data isn’t really tracked well in the USA. And what used to be public data for reporting on individual death cases by case records is now missing. Only data I can pull now is some messaged combined dataset. I just...
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    Foreign Reporter Literally Bursts Into Tears Laughing After Biden Humiliates Himself: 'Fit for Duty'?

    Yeah, but the people that support him make imbeciles look like Einstein.
  3. Rat

    More woke retards punish girls team.

  4. Rat

    Inshore super slam

    Looks like a great time. Nothing better than being on the water fishing. Well almost nothing...
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    Tucker: This video tells a different story of Jan 6

    Amazing that allegedly the left have a brain, eyes, and ears. Sometimes with the way they ignore things to fit their worldview it feels like they would have to be deaf, blind, and dumb.
  6. Rat

    Tucker: This video tells a different story of Jan 6 was violent!!!! Says the idiot left.
  7. Rat

    Sick of this crap

    Dumb ass law. My fence would be virtual. As in anything that crosses gets shot and doesn’t make it. Anyone making someone else pay for something that is not theirs needs a good ass beating.
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    Please enjoy this video of a man charging his car in a dark parking lot for 16 minutes just to get the extra 11 miles he needed to get home

    If change is so good then in your logic climate change is awesome 😎 Really I love how they will not remark on the heavy metal mining that ev’s require.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    99 cent pork butts from the other night. One was a salty sweet mustard rub and the other was a mustard hot chipotle rub.
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    LBL feral hogs

    Why is feral hog hunting illegal? They state that multiple times. Figure it should be year round open season. Or is it only illegal because it is public?
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    Now We're gettin somewhere!!!

    While I’m all for shoving it in the left’s faces, this is just stupid grandstanding in my opinion. He should spend good time writing bills like border security, term limits, federal spending restrictions, anything really.
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    Insane Gaslighting: Clinton Aide’s Death Ruled ‘Suicide’ Despite Being Tied to a Tree, Shot in Chest

    With the Clintons, someone could be shot from 1000 yards away and the media and world would call it a suicide.
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    East Palestine resident refuses to sign ‘hold harmless’ form

    Ohio’s dem Senator S. Brown said that the water in the streams is safe. Their GOP Senator JD Vance is arguing with the EPA that it isn’t safe. Strong EPA doesn’t make people safe. An EPA that works for the people and not the elite Warren buffets of the world helps us stay safe.
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    My in-laws are big vaccine pushers and both had the vaccine and every booster. They also claim to have not tested positive for COVID ever. When I point out that every time they are sick they don’t go to the doctors and don’t get tested they don’t see any issue with that. My point is. Most...
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    Mustard gas along Ohio river

    Another one just happened:
  16. Rat

    Mustard gas along Ohio river

    Anyone been following the new Palestine train derailment? Crazy how the government is covering this crap up. I worked as a chemist for years. That doctor for the Ohio government is a tool and is lying. He is classifying all VOCs together as the same. I’ve worked with some that would cause...
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    WARNING! Graphic Abortion Video

    Anyone that can watch this and not be appalled by abortion has no moral authority over anything. They are disgusting lifeless slugs.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Looks great. Definitely sesame oil and a little mushrooms next time might help.
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    PSA from the Coast Guard

    Why is it so much more money? 10% ethanol is normal gas so shouldn’t ethanol free be only 10% more $ at most?
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    Green Comet

    Right. Still a lot of guess work but they can calculate speed and trajectory and figure out any other known celestial bodies gravitational influence to determine this. If you want to be dumbfounded look up how difficult it is to actually land on Mars and get back again.