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    Anybody interested in a signed Stoney Point Decoy, by Raymond Hornick

    Hornick Bros. , Stoney Point Decoys, signed by Raymond Hornick 1980 Hen Mallard $75
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    biggest deer you have harvested ?

    Cause that's what the whole forum/site has turned into. I'm sorry but it's true!
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    Any Barren reports?

    Yea, I fish the Bfl's, it will be good fishing this weekend. I have my club classic there next week too. I would say boater 29lbs and co 22 lbs will take the win. Keep your lure wet, that's the best tip I got!
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    Bluegrass Army Depot Duck Hunt

    Who all is going in the morning?
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    pond duck hunting question

    if they have been coming in for a day or two more than likely they will be there in the morning, watch tonight to see if they leave before dark to a roost pond, i would advise you to go and set up in the morning, you will enjoy it a lot more if you set up and they come into the dekes, something...
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    Goose Hunt with a little BLING!!!

    Finally getting some birds here in central kentucky, this season has been TURRIBLE but the BLING has made it a little better!!!
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    12/17/2011 Woodies

    Not a bad morning, seen about 40 woodies in all, was able to scratch out a few!
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    Bluegrass Army Depot Duck Hunt

    yea, I had to have the land management send me the weapons registration form and the back ground check form, neither was in our packet. They will give you an extension since it was their fault, I got my back in the mail yesterday. Will they draw us to hunt with somebody else? Anybody know how...
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    Bluegrass Army Depot Duck Hunt

    Anybody else get drawn for this?
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    Waterfowl Hunting Guide

    When will the waterfowl hunting guide be out?
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    yatesville lake???

    Has anybody been doing any good on yatesville lake, I have a tournament up there this weekend, oct 2, would love to have a report if anybody has been, thanks
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    Special Turkey South Dakota (posting this for TURKEYFAN)

    Special Turkey South Dakota I would just like to show you a bird that I was fortunate enough to harvest last year in SD. After making the shot I could not wait to put my hands on it. As soon as I did, I made my mind up that I was going to get it mounted. The taxidermist come up with the...
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    Duck Hunt 1-30-11

    "Getting a blumpkin" best ever!
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    Last weekend= 17 longnecks and 3 shortnecks!!! 2 bands!!!!

    Well we hunted hard saturday, sunday and monday. Busted a hole open on saturday afternoon and then let the shootin begin! Went out with a bang. We thought we were going to get skunked on bands this year, but today and all the hard work paid off, two bands twenty minutes apart! Here are a few...
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    The geese are lovin this SNOW

    Great Job!
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    once again my week report.

    nice job!!!
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    5 hrs work + 7 hrs hunting = 2 longnecks

    nice job !!! always worth it!
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    Good morning :)

    great job!!