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    20 Gauge TSS

    Where are you located?
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    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    Here’s the proposed regulation but it has to be approved by legislators before they adjourn
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    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    Here’s the current regulation:
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    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    Actually they changed the wording in the hunting guide but the actual regulation still bans salt. They have a proposed regulation that removes salt, minerals and other attractant from the ban but it hasn’t been passed by the legislature.
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    Why I no longer pack a 12ga.

    I use to use a scope but switched to a red dot after I had a scope get jarred out of alignment it’s worked really good for me And you don’t have to worry about getting scope eye from a hard shooting gun.
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    Why I no longer pack a 12ga.

    I’m pretty sure it’s made by tasco and is 5 moa. I bought one at Walmart several years ago and it’s identical to the one that came on my Stevens.
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    Why I no longer pack a 12ga.

    I got one of those in a 20 ga, it’s light and a killing machine with tss 9’s
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    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    The regulation 301 KAR 2:015 that went into effect on 2/2/23 includes a ban on the use of salt, minerals or other attractants from 3/1 through 7/31
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    High blood pressure

    I was diagnosed with high bp when I was around 40, diet and exercise helped some but as I progressed up the management ladder my bp increased. The last two years I worked it was running 170/110 with strong medication, two weeks after I retired it was down to 120/80. It still runs around 120/80...
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    20 ga Remington accutips at Academy Sports

    Academy Sports has 20 ga Remington Accutips for 16.99, Etown store was sold out but was able to order online.
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    Don’t know about the Remington but I’ve shot Browning and Federal, they both pattern similar and very good.
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    Beagle Shot while hunting

    For those of you willing to confront somebody on their property for killing your dog
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    25ft fishing pontoon.

    Where’s it located
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    Thinking about becoming a Redneck Blind dealer

    If you decide you are interested let me know, I live in Leitchfield, we can split the gas and pick up two.
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    Thinking about becoming a Redneck Blind dealer

    Maybe where ar you located.
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    Roll Call

    Not today but I’ll be back after them tomorrow, still trying to fill a buck tag.
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    Ruger 77

    I’ve had a few, my 1st was a 6mm with a bull barrel which was floated, glass bedded and trigger set to two lbs killed a ton of groundhogs with it. Regretted it but traded it off for a lighter gun when I started deer hunting. currently have a .243 had the barrel floated and trigger set to two...
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    How did your opening day go?

    Only saw a doe a little one this morning neighbors were blowing up the country, this afternoon the neighbors started again about 3:30 but I saw 13 does and little ones, a small six and a nice 10 pointer. I think I’ve gone crazy because I’ve hunted my butt off for three weeks trying to kill a...
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    First deer you can remember you ever seen.

    I don’t remember when I saw my 1st but I remember seeing 11 running together in a field as I was walking home from the bus stop in 1963. I didn’t start hunting them until 1978.
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    How big??????

    This one scored 135 net, I think yours is a little bigger.