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    hunting question?

    A buddy of mine just watched a boy set up ten yards form a road in a old corn field here in Eastern KY. Do you have to be 500 feet from a road just like with a gun to legally hunt?
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    Wounded deer please help!!!

    /\ What he said...That looks like good blood to me!
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    Orange-Army roll call

    Just got a new Savage .308
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    primos buck roar

    I love it. The grunt sound is great and I have grunted in quit a few with it.
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    Connected with a Mature Buck

    Congrats....Fine looking buck there
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    what is bestt pair of hunting boots

    I have a pair of Rocky Buckstalkers. Very comfortable and warm when it gets cold.
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    deer movement on ML opener

    Got back out around 2....Jumped does going in and coming out...UGH
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    deer movement on ML opener

    Jumped a brute on the way in. Seen three does then missed a good six point. How I missed is beyond me. Then had to run down the hill to kick a tresspasser out of my spot across the road. Be back out mid day.
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    Prayers for the Lane Goodwin family

    R.I.P Lane.....Thoughts are with your family and may your beloved St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series.
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    2012 10 pointer video

    AWESOME VIDEO....Its videos like this I`d rather watch than the so called pro`s on TV....CONGRATS!!!!!!
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    Just shot my first bow kill!! Doe!!

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    Hunter shoots herself with crossbow, dies

    Martin is in Floyd country. It is just outside Prestonsburg and 20 minutes from Pikeville.
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    Fastest Bow in 2012

    What Bear bow was it being shot? My Bear Carnage is very quiet.
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    ***HELP*** Western KY Tracking Dogs???

    Back where I grew up In NY we had a non-profit organization called "Deer Search" . Im not sure if KY has something like this or not. It would be nice to see if something like this could be set up if not. Good luck and I hope you can recover your trophy! Here is a link if anyone...
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    first time in a summit stand

    Like everyone else....I love my Summit. Easy to use and comfortable. To be honest I will not buy any other brand.
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    New Trophy Ridge react sight question

    I have watched many reviews on this sight and it does not seem to be a gimmick....I really dont see Trophy Ridge going in that direction.
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    New Trophy Ridge react sight question

    Same here.....Look at the time it would save it truly works!!!
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    Favorite hunting show / personality?

    I love watching Roger Raglin
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    Best arrows?

    I love my Easton axis n-fused!!!!!
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    New Trophy Ridge react sight question

    Does anyone know if there available in a store yet? The reviews on this sight are outstanding.