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    Need 1

    Can't decide if I am going to deer/duck hunt. I'm hearing there aren't many birds down this way yet, but it's just the thought of missing opening day I don't like. How long you going to hunt?
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    what were the birds @ ballard doing today or what have they been doing? buddy and I heading there in the am. Thanks for any info.
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    anyone want/going to Hendo tomorrow morning to hunt? I am and will be by myself....anyone is welcome to come w/ me.....have all the deks, etc...just bring your gun.
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    Blinds @ Ballard

    Can someone please tell me the better blinds to go after at Ballard? We've been drawn to hunt the first weekend in Jan, but have no idea which are the better blinds to go after. Any info is appreciated, as we're going in blind enough. Thanks
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    Just seeing if anyone else hunted Hendo yesterday.....saw the most birds I have seen probably in two years down there. It was just wave after wave, but as usual you couldn't do much with them. I had better luck the more and harder I called at them, got several groups to work, but nothing would...
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    whats everyone shoot

    Benelli Nova
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    hunting partner for monday/tuesday

    duckbiz - I wanted to go this morning, but having hunted 4 mornings in a row and only cleaning 1 bird, I blamed the weather for sleeping in. I'll try it again in the morning before I have to head back to Cincinnati and go back to work. This vacation has been good, but not good hunting.
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    hunting partner for monday/tuesday

    I don't think you'll be missing much....just saw the weather and it's suppost to be really windy.....they may not fly at all....oh well, it'll just be another day
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    hunting partner for monday/tuesday

    hunted this morning.....hardly anyone there, you didn't miss much. Birds still not flying good....staying close to refuge..going back tomorrow though hopefully w/ rain and a little wind it will get them up moving
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    hunting partner for monday/tuesday

    anyone who wants to hunt monday/tuesday morning in Henderson, meet me in the parking lot to blinds 45, 42, etc. still don't know where I'm hunting but I'll meet you there at 3:30.
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    need company

    anyone who wants to hunt henderson on monday morning, I'll be by me in the parking lot at 3:30...the parking lot where everyone parks to hunt blinds 45, 42, etc.
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    Ballard this weekend

    getchasum......any decent places to hunt up a few ducks around here? I am from the florence area, but often go back to Henderson to duck hunt.
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    Reel Foot Ducks

    By looking at the weather, I would say a major migration is going to take shape w/in the next day or two. Time to fling some steel
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    Sloughs 39

    Blind 39 is first come, first serve.....however, you have to access the blind w/ some type of small boat/canoe, you can't wade it...too deep. Anyone know some good walk in places around Jenny Hole, or w/ a paddle boat? Struttn....where were you hunting to hear all the shooting? Also, have...
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    Blind 45

    when are you going?
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    hunting partners wanted for weekday hunting.

    I was thinking about hunting around Ballard and/or Hickman on Monday/Tuesday of next week. The only problem is I don't know anything about the locations. I too have plenty of coys, equipment, etc. If you want to hook up and go let me know....I'll be coming from Owensboro area.