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    confused about Daniel Boone National forest hunting boundaries

    Hunter Even though Wood ck. Lake is shown inside the boundary of DBNF most of the property adjoining the lake is private. There are some areas on the dam end of the lake that are DBNF. These areas are marked with signs. Hope this helps.
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    Ohio BBD

    Beautiful buck, congrats.
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    6.5 creedmoor Ammo

    120 GMX Hornady Superformance
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    Bear proof feeder ideas?

    This, Had to do this several years ago after they destroyed 2 not so cheap feeders. Anchor cable stationary high in tree on one end, run through pulley on the other end and down to a hand winch / boat crank. Cranks up 100 lb. fairly easily.
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    Needing some prayers

    Prayers sent
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    Killing trees

    This works , killed a 20”+ sycamore this way. Don’t have to drill deep, inch is plenty. Drill on a downward angle so the holes will hold the RU.
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    Y'all see this

    How about if the authorities would have done their duty there wouldn't have been a reason for her to enter. It would have been over by the time she arrived. This lady drove 40 miles after she heard there was a shooting and entered the school before law enforcement did. 78 minutes elapsed from...
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    New job at same company

    Sounds like a dream job, Good luck with your new endeavors, hope you enjoy it.
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    Anyone see many of these in the spring woods anymore

    Bee, I think you may be correct about ladyslippers disappearing. I went to check a second patch of yellow ones I had not been to in several years. I found 4 or 5 where there used to be 25 or 30. Don’t think these were dug either, no sign of any holes left and there not very accessible.
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    Anyone see many of these in the spring woods anymore

    Couple pics I took last weekend.
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    Anyone see many of these in the spring woods anymore

    Yes, Yellow ladyslipper. I know where a couple of patches of them are. I see several pink ones as well. The pinks actually seem to be more prevalent.
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    Daughters first longbeard - video

    Awesome stuff, congrats to both of you.
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    Morels question

    I don’t claim to be no expert but that is a morel.
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    Some say morels taste like fish, hence the name "dry land fish". They are delicious, hard to describe a specific taste but to me yellow morels are the best wild mushroom i personally have eaten including lions mane and chicken.
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    Check your friction rings, For light loads the beveled washer (smaller of the two) goes against the receiver under the recoil spring, With the bevel facing the receiver. For heavy loads the washer is on top of the recoil spring with the bevel against the friction ring. Many of the older models...
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    Goose Creek, Clay County, Ky

    Sent you a pm
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    Creepy experiences while hunting

    All good stories, very entertaining. I like to think that I am not afraid of much in the outdoors as like many of you, I have been outside in the dark all my life, typically well armed. "This time however", Not too many years ago I was getting into a built tower stand 20' up well before...
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    C.W Big Red Pod Cast

    Grago Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed hearing the story from CW.
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    Nuisance Otters

    3point I sent some Otter and beaver to USA Foxx and Furs. Turned out nice.. Wanted to save up for a custom bed spread but never did. There are other tanneries that provide the same service but not familiar with the names.
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    Tick with wings!!!

    Like riverboss said, grousefly, or that's what i have heard them called. Used to see them occasionally before grouse went extinct in E. KY.