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  1. Junglekat

    Marlin 45/70

    everything,I want to buy sky high,no matter what
  2. Junglekat

    What is making this sound?

  3. Junglekat

    Lance Reddick died today

    good dude in wick movies
  4. Junglekat

    What is the Current Price Range on Deer Lease in Central Kentucky?

    there better be a booner behind every other tree,the prices have read,u can kill deer anywhere,and the rut makes more ground equal,if I was truly loaded ,I would pay big prices ,but u would have to have proof monsters lived there during season
  5. Junglekat

    Crazy price$$$

  6. Junglekat

    30/30 shortage

    410. 3 inch,I ain't seen in 2 years in a store,
  7. Junglekat

    Anyone on here shoot Single shot centerfire rifles much.

    T/C Prohunter 7mm rem mag,killed alot of deer and yotes with it,love it
  8. Junglekat

    Record 6 point

    any state,first day ,or any day of season,I would shoot him
  9. Junglekat

    New gun safe

    I need a safe bad,looks great
  10. Junglekat


    disappointed, yet not surprised, lol
  11. Junglekat

    Rumor or Truth?

    It gone
  12. Junglekat

    Nice shed!

    I might have seen that one on the ground
  13. Junglekat

    Video out of Martin County last night

    we see mountain lions alot ,here in ky.That is a house cat
  14. Junglekat

    Video out of Martin County last night

    just a cat
  15. Junglekat

    Beagle Shot while hunting

    BLM=. Beagle Lives Matter
  16. Junglekat

    410 ammo

    I ain't seen 410 3" in over 2 years in a store,only flea markets and gun shows
  17. Junglekat

    35 or 30-30 or both

    .35 rifles sell higher,seems like in my area
  18. Junglekat

    Beagle Shot while hunting

    hunting small parcels,this is what u end up with,both sides have to have common sense,people ain't gonna put with it every day,some might,
  19. Junglekat

    Deer harvest among highest in recent years

    it was great year,for seeing deer