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  1. ryan hickey

    watch rece davis show digger whats really gonna happen

    i figured u would agree. i'm showing u 3 goggles just like rece.
  2. ryan hickey

    watch rece davis show digger whats really gonna happen

    laughed my butt off watchin this. check out the reaction from hubert davis after rece blasts digger for hatin on our cats. maybe my favorite espn clip of all time. sound quality kinda sucks so u gotta turn it up.
  3. ryan hickey

  4. ryan hickey

    Syracuse, Melo Ruled Ineligible For NCAA Tourney

    cant wait til they blame this on coach cal
  5. ryan hickey

    POLL If UofL plays Duke

    what he said - exactly...
  6. ryan hickey

    Poor West Liberty..

    i cant wait to hear yours and other stories. god bless to all affected by this nasty storm.
  7. ryan hickey

    Kentucky Goes Undeafeated in Conference Play!

    what he said. keep hatin new guy... entertaining no doubt
  8. ryan hickey

    Blevins Gap Outdoors (my old man) successful surgery!

    glad to hear everybody is ok bobby, good luck fer turkey season!
  9. ryan hickey

    anybody got an htc rezound smartfone?

    bout to pull the trigger and buy one, wonderin if any of u guys had anything to share?
  10. ryan hickey

    James Carville coming to Murray State University.

    can he shoot the three?
  11. ryan hickey

    Mmm grilled asparagus

    oh yeah!! try it this way ate-up, i love it. love the simplicity of grilling asparagus, its ready when u say it is lol
  12. ryan hickey

    been posted before but-the cop got fired

    feel sorry for th good cops out there. this guy is a nut
  13. ryan hickey

    Cards have gone belly-up...

    ever wonder what life would be like without lil brother to pick on, and poke fun at? i sure do, thanks new guy, for doin what u do!!
  14. ryan hickey

    Political figure Gatewood Galbraith dies

    "if i was going to to lie to you people i would already be elected" love ya gatewood, RIP
  15. ryan hickey

    2 straight for the greatest?

    if u think about it, rick is the new tubby. still a good coach, but losing the recruiting war. tough to win when u aint got the hosses.
  16. ryan hickey

    UK / UL recap

    meant to quote this with earlier post
  17. ryan hickey

    UK / UL recap

    survey says? NUMBER ONE ANSWER! never seen as much reachin and grabbin in my life, UL fouls wayyyy too much. no way they coulda called all the fouls, game would still be on
  18. ryan hickey

    Penn Jillette: An Atheist's Guide to the 2012 Election

    very interesting read here, check it out
  19. ryan hickey

    work boots - opinions please

    i bought some timberland pro series, like somebody said earlier, very comfy right outa the box. didnt have to have steel toe which was nice, and i do have a pair of muck boots for when it gets cold, these were more for every day. thx again for all replies
  20. ryan hickey

    work boots - opinions please

    thx everybody for yer 2 cents, let ya'll know what i end up with